What is Flexibility and How to be more Flexible

In this article we talk about the definition of flexibility, what are the benefits of flexibility and how to improve it?

When we say something is flexible we refer to the property of bending easily without breaking. So the more an object can bend without breaking, more flexible it is. The flexibility of a human being therefore can be defined as the safe range of motion in the joints before the body of the individual gets prone to injury. In simple terms it is the ability of your muscles to stretch in order to induce that full movement range in your joints.

Why is Flexibility important and why should we care about it
The biggest benefit of flexibility in everyday life is it improves your balance and posture. Moreover by keeping your body flexible, you are less likely to suffer injury and pains. Maintaining flexibility allows you to perform exercises over a full range of motion thus providing more benefit for your hard work,edm

In terms of athletic performance, improved range of motion allows athletes to perform complex sport specific actions without injury and hence provide significant boost to the athlete’s overall performance.

Improving flexibility
Flexibility, unlike strength or aerobic capacity, takes consistent effort over many months before we notice clear and discernable improvements. Improving flexibility hence is a process of patience. To make matters worse, flexibility is a genetic trait that is inherited; so each person’s level of flexibility is really not completely his/her own doing? Both these factors make flexibility training very frustrating. No wonder flexibility is the one of the most ignored aspects of fitness.

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