March Motivation #11: Over-Confidence Is Not Good, But Ambition Is Always Part Of The Equation

Many people have come up to me and told me to not be overconfident in life. While I do agree with this in certain situations, I feel that the majority of time, it is the ambition that drives me to hustle. While over-confidence is not good, ambition should never be given up. First, you have to understand from what perspective over-confidence is a bad thing, and then understand the importance and lack of ambition in the world. The gel occurs when you perfectly pull against these two odds.

Over-confidence can become a road block and in some occasions it can be a downfall on the journey of life. For example, let’s say you play on a basketball team, and have won most of your games. In fact, you have defeated many teams multiple times, and you come to the finals where you face a team that you have also beat multiple times. By being over-confident and taking the game easy, you get beat and lose the championship. If you didn’t get the hint, then I was referring to the Golden State Warriors playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals of 2016. As you know, it is the over-confidence which led GS to blow a 3–1 lead, and this scenario can be matched to many events in our personal lives. By taking a very relaxed approach just because you make “assumptions” on how things will play out, you put yourself on the downhill track.

While over-confidence is bad, ambition is never a bad thing. You have to set high expectations, and need to make sure your vision is high. By having greater milestones rather than simple achievable goals, you push the limits and achieve more than you could have imagined. Ambition needs to be present, and with a growth mindset, you should always aim and hustle for more. It becomes increasingly important as you grow older because the reflections on life increase, at which point the last thing you want is regret. As a scenario, I recently dropped off some of my family members for a cruise vacation. Because of my fascination and awe of great transports, she told me to find a job working at the cruise. Even though it was a joke, I took it somewhat seriously, and told her, “Why would I waste my time working as a porter on a cruise ship when I could own the entire cruise ship?” Some may think that this is out of the limit, but it gives you some sort of perspective on how you, personally, should build your ambition!

Check your confidence, but aim high with ambition!

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