March Motivation #5: Empathetic, But Hustle-Oriented

Empathy starts today…

“Put yourself in the shoes of others.” Empathy is a big factor which plays a key role in dealing, garnering, and maintaining strongly understood relationships. With a better understanding of people, and perhaps allowing more leverage room on function, you must be mindful about the hustle and focus on the macro objective. In other words, you cannot let empathy continue to lead you off track past a certain breaking point.

In order to better understand people, you have to change your glasses. Once you view the world through their view, you will see their struggles, their objectives, their understanding, and their potential to do. By assessing these factors, you will be in a much better position to deal with them. For example, being a manager/leader requires you to understand the people you lead, and it all starts with empathy. Open up your perspective, feel the environment, and learn to adapt to a different point of view. No two individuals are the same, and it requires a different approach to motivating each person to make them react and do the way you want them to.

Too much empathy is deadly. You can loosen the screws for people who need it the most, but you have to set a limit. The ultimate goal is to utilize the hustle to get to your destination whether that be a master’s degree, company revenue target, or a deadline to meet. Empathy can allow you to offer more time to people to work on a project, provide more guidance on the project requirements, or simply break down the project into smaller components. However, there is a major point at which you must realize that enough is enough, and simply break out of it. Follow the trend that works, and change it when it doesn’t work.

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