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The Future of Humanity, Immersive Technology + the Metaverse

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I am Nina Jane Patel and co-founder and VP of Metaverse Research for Kabuni. For the past several years I have worked to harness the power of exponential technology to elevate wellness, arts & culture experiences.

I believe our human experience of wellness is deeply intertwined with expressions of art and culture. At Kabuni, we endeavour to create the next generation of XR experiences that will embrace haptic feedback #psychographics in order to shape the creative and commercial implementation of XR technologies for artistic creation, content and dissemination. #elevatelife #unlockyourdesignpotential #kabuni #metaverse #immersive #3D

In 2019/2020 I was commissioned by Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund as the Executive Producer and host of Exponential Technologies and The Future of Dance, a podcast. In Autumn 2021, I will commence a fully-funded Ph.D. with the University of Reading titled “Unlocking the Potential of Artistic Experiences for the Future of Human Society: What impact do embodied artistic XR experiences have on the measurable biometrics of individuals?”

As I embark on my doctoral research*, what better time than now to start a fortnightly newsletter sharing my curiosities, musings and thoughts about the future of humanity as it is influenced by technology? #metaverse #3D #immersive #unlockyourdesignpotential

The journey I embark on will examine multi-identity evolutions of humanity — and considerations of the representational forms of wellness, arts, culture, mind-body, emotions and relationships — within the context of a world in which virtual and physical spaces are increasingly blended. An intercultural, intergenerational and interdisciplinary exploration of a near future of collaborations co-existing with AI, avatars, immersive worlds, telepresence and real time presence within creative places, cultural environments, interactive entertainment and play spaces and its cumulative impact on us, as humans.

In 2019, Arts Council England commissioned NESTA https://www.nesta.org.uk/ to produce a future-focused report, identifying key trends, impacts, challenges and opportunities for the arts and cultural sector. Experimental Culture: A horizon scan for the arts and culture sector https://www.nesta.org.uk/report/experimental-culture-a-horizon-scan-for-the-arts-and-culture-sector/

The report provides a short summary of the current context for organisations operating in the (publicly-funded) arts and cultural sector, followed by a section which looks ahead to the opportunities and challenges these drivers could present over the coming decade.

Specific to our sector, many, if not all, arts organisations all over the world are responding to what’s happening around the world. What is most frustrating is they have incredibly smart, passionate people and artists but tie them to legacy systems and bureaucracy that are having little to no impact on real issues that need immediate attention.

I believe now is the time to harness the transformative power of the Arts sector and develop a strong and inspiring voice to collectively shape the future of technology and, subsequently, our lived experiences in the future.

What is clear to me, is that by ignoring the realities of the significant changes ahead, we are heading towards an unknown. Pandemics, climate change, prejudices/bias/racism/ and relevance of legacy institutions — the complexities are overwhelming. I’m passionate about innovation, expanding the sector, playing a part in ensuring the importance of visceral artistic experiences for humanity and exploring new ways of creating for all disciplines to remain relevant for future audiences. I believe that both the live experience and the immersive experience can co-exist to enhance our offerings, build loyalty and rethink how we interact with our audiences.

We are living during the most extraordinary time in human history.

From autonomous cars, virtual reality, sustainable green solutions, drone delivery, and interplanetary travel — one thing is certain — the future of humanity and human success will be based on our ability to harness the power of technology.

This is made clear in the recent Growing Value of XR in Healthcare report which was created in response to the pressing need to have access to more accurate and representative intelligence and market data to help inform emerging strategies and priorities within the public and private sector in the UK.

I am working with Kabuni to develop research and developing immersive healthcare applications and immersive arts strategies. As time goes by, I will be sharing these exciting updates and look forward to sharing the data and science behind immersive experience and its impact on us, as humans.

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~ Nina Jane Patel

‘This new form of immersive delivery is set to change our landscape forever and Kabuni is focused on using this technology to unlock the design potential of every human being, and elevate life’-

Neil Patel, CEO and Founder, Kabuni

*I acknowledge that funding for my PhD studies are supported by the Wilkie Calvert Studentship at the University of Reading, while I continue to lead the Wellness, Arts & Culture vertical with Kabuni Ventures.



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Nina Jane Patel

Nina Jane Patel

Co-founder + VP of Metaverse Research — Kabuni | Seeing Possibilities | Creative Futurist | Embodied Technology | Psychotherapist | Doctoral Research