#Consensus2018: 5 Lessons from Your First Crypto Conference (Day 1)

What to do when they bring the lambos to your doorstep

Vivienne Chen
1 min readMay 15, 2018


Lesson #1: Prepare for a line to registration that represents the fundamental problems of throughput and congestion for blockchain as a whole.

Lesson #2: Give bonuses to your developers who agree to a live demo. I failed to realize the insanity of the proposition until one of the more tech savvy audience members asked a dev to code for him a particular line of smart contract code… and then the dev… did it. (Saner portion of talk captured below):

Lesson #3: Be prepared to have a nuanced debate about diversity and gender representation in blockchain via T-Shirts.

Lesson #4: Always ask — at what odds? And also, what is my buyout for this wager?

Lesson #5: Realize your one block sponsorship still cost more than the 10 rented lambos they parked outside the conference.