Kadena and Rymedi Validate Quality of Medicinal Products on Blockchain

Rebecca Rodriguez
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2 min readDec 6, 2019


Kadena, the first blockchain technology company to come out of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center for Excellence, announced a strategic partnership with Rymedi, providers of a data platform revolutionizing healthcare supply chains. Rymedi’s integration with Kadena’s blockchain provides immutable supply genealogy and multi-partner data access, extending existing client capabilities, ranging from tracking pharmaceutical supply chain in developing countries such as Mongolia and Kenya to assisting hemp/CBD growers and extractors looking to bring the safest products to market.

By integrating Kadena’s blockchain into its existing platform, Rymedi further empowers consumers as well as supply chain members with vital data that’s previously been unavailable. By scanning a simple barcode with their cell phones, customers can get data about a product’s origin and journey. This validates purchasing and authenticity, especially useful in geographies and industries where fraud and quality concerns remain potentially life-threatening issues.

“The partnership with Rymedi shows how blockchain technology can positively contribute to crucial aspects of the healthcare supply chain,” said Will Martino, Founder and CEO of Kadena. “Many times, illegitimate products can mean life-or-death for vulnerable communities. We look forward to being part of a solution that helps prevent the tampering of medicinal products.”

David Stefanich, CEO of Rymedi shares, “With their deep experience in financial markets and transaction data, Kadena is a uniquely aligned partner for us. With several use cases already live around the world, we’re making plans to broaden our partnership and offer even more value to our customers across healthcare data-silos.”

Blockchain’s capacity to guarantee quality in medicinal products allows everyone from suppliers to customers to have greater confidence. Kadena and Rymedi look forward to further collaborating on a data platform that ensures verifiable medicinal products while also discovering new solutions that can benefit communities across the globe.

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