Kadena Announces Chainweb Blockchain Mainnet Launch Date & Testnet Miner Whitelist

The Kadena team is excited to announce that our scalable Proof of Work public blockchain, Chainweb, will be launching mainnet on October 30, 2019! We also have updates from our testnet, including an upcoming whitelist queue for miners to participate in our testnet.


Chainweb Mainnet is significant because Kadena is launching the first scalable and secure Proof of Work blockchain. Chainweb Mainnet will launch with a braided, mining-powered, multi-chain environment capable of higher transaction speeds and greater security than existing systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Graph structure and block propagation across a 10-chain Chainweb configuration


After a successful launch of Chainweb Testnet v0 in March, we are making substantial updates to push towards v1. Of special interest to our community, we will begin accepting applications and approve select external miners into our test network. We’ve already seen interest with signups to our mining waitlist, and on May 30, we will open up our testnet with a whitelist queue.

Want to be a testnet miner? Sign up for our list and keep an eye out for the application on May 30. If you are selected as a v1 miner, your role will be to help us run nodes as well as test the functionality, syncing and consensus of Chainweb. NOTE: This is NOT pre-mining of the public blockchain. Miners will get to learn how Chainweb works and collaborate with our team to scale the network. Be part of making history with the first scalable PoW blockchain!

If you do not get selected as a v1 miner, please be patient. We are working hard to make Chainweb Testnet v2 fully public, allowing anyone to participate and test-mine the network.

Below are noted target updates to the functionality of Chainweb Testnet v1:

  1. Fast node restart without having to re-sync old data
  2. Memory-stable execution (persistence)
  3. Bounce network to 20-chain configuration
  4. Contract store for pact.kadena.io
  5. Coin faucet
  6. Cross-chain transfer via Pact SPV