Kadena on Bloomberg TV: Monica Quaintance shares expert opinion on the future of blockchain

Kadena’s Head of Research & Networks dives deeper into the latest headlines in cryptocurrency with Bloomberg Technology’s Emily Chang.

Vivienne Chen


JUNE 17, 2019 — Kadena was proud to have our Head of Research & Networks, Monica Quaintance, on Bloomberg Technology TV last Thursday, June 13, for a special segment covering the latest stories in cryptocurrency news, as she shared her thoughts on the future of blockchain and its adoption.

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Some highlights from Monica’s segment on Bloomberg TV:

  • Walmart’s new drug supply chain blockchain use case: We see this as a great example of how blockchain’s immutable tracking can help businesses innovate. “The idea is you can track drug information when drugs have been created at their source and each way through the supply chain, and when you pick up your prescription, you can trust that it has been verified along the chain.” For more on what a hybrid blockchain can do to unlock trapped liquidity, read Kadena CEO Will Martino’s post on the Blockchain Sharing Economy.
  • Facebook’s stablecoin: “This represents another company that has large institutional value demonstrating that they think blockchain is a way for them to move forward in the future.” Hear more blockchain commentary from Monica on the Base Layer podcast.
  • The future of cryptocurrency: “Apple has already said they will support cryptocurrency in the next version of iOS, so I do think that we are going to see lots of big companies jumping [on] the blockchain trend. We’re working with a large insurance company, a $3B asset manager… so there’s a lot of opportunities out there in integrating blockchain technology into real business.” Read more about Kadena’s partnership with USCF Investments.
  • When will blockchain go “mainstream?”: “At least in the next five years, we will begin to see real products that actually touch the end consumer…you’ll start seeing people using applications backed by blockchain without even knowing it.” Want to learn more about Monica’s vision of blockchain? Listen to her segment on Crypto and Blockchain Talk.
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