Kadena Launches Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) on Azure Marketplace

Learn more about our easy provisioning and formally verified smart contracts on Microsoft’s cloud platform.

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3 min readAug 27, 2019


August 27, 2019 — New York, NY — We are excited to announce that we’ve launched an upgraded version of our enterprise blockchain solution to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace! The “Kadena Scalable Permissioned Blockchain” is now available on Azure Marketplace for free. This past January, we made headlines in Fortune when we released our permissioned blockchain on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Our Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model enables organizations to start using Kadena’s blockchain by quickly provisioning it online, significantly reducing the cost and time-to-market associated with the on-premise installation of other blockchain solutions today.

As the first blockchain offering on Microsoft Azure Marketplace to offer Formal Verification, Kadena’s scalable solution enables enterprises to efficiently transact and share data in a secure and decentralized manner. Our existing blockchain clients include $3 billion asset manager USCF Investments, healthcare technology company Rymedi, and leading Latin American technology business Alteum, as well as one of the world’s top 100 largest banks (we will be able to disclose the name in the coming months), and Fortune 500 companies.

“In building with Microsoft, Kadena is committed to providing an accessible onramp to blockchain for businesses of all sizes,” said Will Martino, Founder and CEO of Kadena. “We are excited to bring our secure and scalable technology to Azure customers as we continue working with Microsoft Azure Marketplace to develop cloud-enabled blockchain solutions.”

Kadena’s blockchain platform includes its innovative and open source smart contract language, Pact, designed for both developers and non-technical people alike and has safeguards to avoid bugs, a critical feature given over $1bn has been lost to date owing to bugs in smart contracts.

“Pact’s formal verification of user code allows you to harness the same mathematical methods used by aerospace and nuclear power engineers to catch potential exploits before deployment,” said Kadena Founder and President Stuart Popejoy. “With Kadena’s blockchain, you don’t need a degree in formal mathematics to have mission-critical security protecting your business applications.”

In the new Azure edition, we’ve made significant upgrades to our market-defining features, allowing for greater security and interoperability. These features are also now available with the AWS version of Kadena’s permissioned blockchain.

The headlining features of our new edition include:

  • Native support for cross-blockchain transactions — laying the groundwork for Kadena’s public and permissioned blockchains to interoperate with each other, as well as blockchains including Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Formally verified interfaces — creating a mathematical secure proof for a feature that is similar to constructs in other programming languages such as Java, Rust, and Scala. This reduces the occurrence of attacks, critical bugs, exploits, and hacks.
  • Expanded Formal Verification coverage across the Pact language — granting businesses greater assurance that every aspect of their smart contract code is bug-free.

Kadena’s Scalable Permission Blockchain Community Edition on Azure is free to use and supports up to four nodes and 2,000 transactions per second. This version will also support secure channels, trustless escrows, pluggable encryption, contract governance, and automatic bug detection via Formal Verification. The feature set is unmatched by other private blockchain products in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Clients seeking to leverage the full power of the technology, with transaction speeds up to 8,000 tps and 500+ nodes, will want to license the full version of Kadena’s enterprise blockchain software by contacting support@kadena.io.

To learn more about Kadena’s Scalable Permissioned Blockchain and to try it for free on Azure, visit kadena.io/azure.

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