Kadena: New Look, Same Mission

A review of our rebranded look

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3 min readMar 19, 2019


You might have noticed a change in our look, feel, and logo recently across a few of our social media platforms and website. Kadena has grown a lot across a number of fronts: as a team (from four to twenty-four full employees in the last year!), as a community (we held meetups in Asia and across North America, and partnered with Alteum in Latin America), and as a holistic blockchain platform, from a purely enterprise blockchain reflecting our JP Morgan roots, to a hybrid blockchain platform with an integrated, open-source smart contract language.

Our brand reflects our belief that blockchain is a technology and way of thinking that will fundamentally transform business, finance, government and society. Kadena is here to make sure this happens, with technology featuring unmatched speed, scale, security, and simplicity. We’re here to inspire our partners to take their ideas and ambitions to places none of us can even imagine yet.

This is an incredible time for us. We’re working with some of the world’s best engineers to solve challenges and unleash opportunities across wildly varied industries and geographies. We’re doing the tough, exhilarating work of dramatically boosting blockchain adoption, functionality, and ease of use.

As we accomplish all this, the Kadena brand is as vital to our success as our technology. Our brand is a living thing, capable of growing organically and flexibly as we do, while maintaining a unified look, feel and voice. We’ve worked closely with our branding specialist Keith Venkiteswaran to show you how we think about and implement our identity to stay consistent — while always being open to what’s new, fresh, energizing and relevant.

Practically speaking, the new branding does a number of things, including:

  • Frees us up from the limited design space of a single color palette: we’re all about building the tools that let people make blockchain applications safely and freely — so why limit ourselves?
Old vs. New Logo

Reflects our purpose: the glow inside our new “K” symbolizes the energy and innovative ideas within Kadena, with textures and imagery to evoke the innovative work we’re doing across industries.

Coming soon to a station near you? (credit: Keith Venkiteswaran)
  • Keeps things legible: we have always strived to make our products (like our Pact smart contracts) simple and comprehensible, and we believe our branding should too.

This year is going to be an exciting year where we bring Chainweb, our public proof-of-work protocol, into testnet and then launch. You may have checked out our recent roadmap, or heard about our new blockchain-as-a-service on AWS Marketplace. This is just the beginning, and we’re excited to share the rest of the journey with you.

— The Kadena Team

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