Kadena Token Transfers Go Live

Stuart Popejoy
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2 min readDec 17, 2019


Today, Kadena has begun enabling Kadena (KDA) token transfers. Since we announced mining to our community on October 30, the network has experienced significant growth. As of December 17, we have seen over 1,000,000 blocks mined by more than 10,000 GPUs (at an average hash rate between 10–15 TH/second). Now, tokens earned by miners are transferable from and to other people (peer-to-peer). Token transfers represent the second stage towards the full launch of Kadena’s hybrid blockchain platform and Pact smart contract transactions early next year.

Token Transfers Enabled on December 17

The Kadena blockchain will begin accepting token transfers and other token-related operations starting at 16:00:00 UTC December 17. All Kadena versions prior to 1.4 will stop mining new blocks at 00:00 UTC December 17. To keep mining, participants will have to upgrade their Kadena Chainweb version to the latest version.

To easily execute transfers yourself, download Kadena’s smart contract wallet for the Mac OS, Chainweaver Beta, here. For non-Mac users, a portal for submitting transfers is available here.

Transfer Limit Ramp-up

The Kadena 1.4 release will gradually ramp up transfer throughput over the weeks following December 17, so that we can take a deliberate approach to network stability.

On December 17, Kadena 1.4 will have a gas limit that defaults to approximately ten transfers per block with steady increases in capacity throughout December. We plan to increase this limit periodically in close coordination with the mining community. Initial increases will result in block transfer limits of 25, 50, etc. We expect to continually release upgrades during this time to improve transfer handling and enable greater throughput.

Alongside the activation of token transfers, we’re introducing additional functionality. This includes:

  • Finalizing the Pact gas model
  • Supporting fully-autonomous managed capabilities in Pact
  • Improving Pact natives’ performance and benchmarking
  • An updated Mining API that allows for even faster work updates

Leading up to the January launch of our hybrid blockchain platform, Kadena will keep miners informed of the latest network upgrades. For those wanting to participate in Kadena’s public blockchain now, an FAQ is available on our GitHub.

To stay informed about updates, visit Discord or follow announcements shared on Twitter.

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