Art in Alexandria

Kinetic, vibrant and evocative. Created as a sensory invitation to the world of Kafnu, the one-of-a-kind murals and installations at Kafnu Alexandria are designed to draw you in and bring out your creativity. They also provide a distinctly local feel to Kafnu Alexandria as every eye-catching artwork is the creation of a local artist.

“Kafnu is about bringing together the local community to collaborate,” said Simon Hall, General Manager of Kafnu Alexandria. “Each Kafnu works with its local communities, inviting them in, which in turn, helps make Kafnu a part of the community.”

Kafnu Alexandria engaged Art Pharmacy Consulting to lead the project and handpick the artists — Micke Lindebergh, Joi Murugavell, James Lesjak-Atton and Ingrid Wilson — who worked side by side, using the 3,010sqm Creator’s Warehouse in Sydney’s hip Bourke Road neighbourhood as their sleek modern canvas. After two intense weeks, they delivered exciting works that now form the backdrop for the creative endeavours and collaborations of all who use the space.

“We love it when organisations choose to engage emerging local creatives as it brings something more to their spaces,” said Emilya Colliver, founder and director of Art Pharmacy Consulting. “You are not only nurturing the creative sector through patronage, you are gaining access to fresh ideas that no one else has seen or experienced before. You are also getting the local perspective: site-specific ideas that are built to last, are place-relevant, and strengthen the overarching narrative of the space.”

Beckoning members into the sprawling creative space is an exuberant botanical mural by Lindebergh, a London-trained artist-musician who grew up in Stockholm and lists travel as a major source of inspiration. “The florals are a combination of Australian natives and drawings I made in India, Southeast Asia and Europe,” he said. “The cactus drawing came out of a summer in Barcelona and the shapes started on a trip along the Australian east coast.”

His celebration of colour envelops the lobby and extends through the elevators, whose doors open onto a continuation of the piece on the first and second floors. On the first floor, work spaces come alive with surprising little characters, in the form of big bold doodles by Murugavell, a graphic designer turned full-time artist who draws inspiration from confusion and curiosity, and employs an intuitive process that embraces unabashed spontaneity.

On the same floor, Lesjak-Atton energises the space and engages the eye with lively swirls of colour on two opposing walls. Complementing his work are giant resin-based abstract artworks that Wilson created from custom rounds. With deep blue tones that eddy into foaming whites, they hang above the fireplace, providing a strong focal point, provoking thought and starting conversations.

“The artworks are part of the fabric of the space where members meet in,” said Simon. “They add to that sense of community and sense of belonging, and contribute to a unique platform that inspires members themselves to create.”

About Kafnu

Kafnu is an urban village for the new generation of creators. An artful blend of live, work, play and learn. Now open in Taipei, Hong Kong, Bengaluru and Alexandria, Sydney.

About Art Pharmacy Consulting

Art Pharmacy Consulting offers full-service strategy, cultural curation and implementation through Art Pharmacy Consultancy for a huge range of clients around Australia. It consults to both the public and private spheres — anywhere from local government to large mixed-use developers; to private homes and interior designers and architects.