Kaftan Dresses by Karim London

Kaftan dresses are probably one of the simplest but elegant types of clothing you’ll ever find. It’s a type of dress that drapes down one’s body. But even with this simplicity, an elegant and fashionable type of dress is derived from it.
It usually appears as a free flowing fabric worn by women to cover their body. With the draping effect, the overall look of the whole attire is breezy and cool. You might even think that this is something you would comfortably wear at home. It’s that simple and it’s that basic for an article of clothing.

At Karim London we have a wide selection of Kaftan Dresses that has turned the Kaftan dress to something elegant that you can wear for party weddings, even wear and even on formal functions. The use of expensive and satiny materials can make it look very high end and classy. You could walk down the street wearing a kaftan dress with this kind of material and surely, you will turn heads at your every stride as you project a feeling of comfort and confidence. Perhaps that’s the appeal that this type of dress offers its wearers, the combination of comfort and confidence that you can’t get from any other type of clothing.

With the various kinds of fabrics, colors, prints and patterns available today, you can create a number of variations of kaftan dresses. By simply adjusting the length, the cuts and fit, you can produce an outfit that falls within different fashion styles. By matching the Kaftan dress with other accessories, other articles of clothing or even footwear, the whole dress becomes classy in a totally different level.

Even for beach wear, kaftan dresses are used, even for this purpose, the clothing will make you look attractive while not losing that breezy and comfortable presence. There aren’t many clothing out there that can give you the same simplicity and fashionable characteristics like the kaftan dress.

At Karim London we hold a wide range of beautiful designs, colours and styles and sizes that suit everybody’s individual tastes.

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