Chinese Valentine’s Day: Machine Learners in Love, Xueer & Jiwei

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Nov 12, 2019 · 4 min read

Originally published 08.19.2015


We appreciate Xueer and Jiwei’s openness and willingness to share with the community about their lives and want to wish them a lifetime of happiness filled with Kaggle points!

Meet the Couple

Tell us about how you met…

It was a rainy night in September and we were the only two people who went to the library for an “English Corner” in our college, where no one else showed up including the organizer.

What do you like best about each other?

Xueer: We are both intuitive and spontaneous, perhaps because we are both Sagittarius. (Our birth dates are only two days away from each other). It feels like I found a different myself.

Jiwei: I will add that we are also unpredictable. And I love that there is always something new.

What is something you always do together (other than compete on Kaggle)?

Xueer: Find delicious food and movies. Actually we spend a lot of time watching Breaking Bad and Walking Dead and enjoying our home-made Chinese-Indian-Iranian cuisine.

Jiwei: Yeah, actually and also True detective and Fargo. But we are really diehard fans of Breaking Bad and we always miss the days in Santa Fe, the sky, the chili and the dangerous bugs.

Do you plan on trying to work in the machine learning field?

Xueer: Yes. I hope to apply machine learning to personalized medicine.

Jiwei: Absolutely, I hope I can work in the deep learning field although I know very little about it now.

Teaming Up

How did you get started competing on Kaggle together?

Xueer: The first time we got to know Kaggle was through the machine learning course taught by Andrew Ng on Coursera. We had nothing to do that winter so Kaggle gave us a great time.

Jiwei: We were so bored after we finished every video lectures and programming assignments of Andrew Ng’s course, until we found that someone mentioned Kaggle in the Coursera forum.

How did studying machine learning bring you closer as a couple?

We were completely newbies by all means and we shared the joy and surprise.

What are the advantages & disadvantages to competing as a couple?

Xueer: One good thing is that we can spend the prize money together, like we went to Key West for a lovely trip last winter thanks to Kaggle and Tradeshift. The bad thing is Jiwei was still worried about competitions when we were on the beach…


Jiwei: The good thing is that you always have a teammate, which is also a bad thing sometimes.

What is your most memorable competition experience?

It has to be the Tradeshift challenge. That is the first prize we’ve ever won and we really built a good model in the end.

Do you often disagree on the best way to develop a model? (Who usually ends up being right?)

Xueer: Most of the time we do not have disagreement since we work separately on our own models. I always search for new models and unconventional approaches while Jiwei just tunes the XGBoost. I do not have the patience Jiwei has for tuning and understanding his model.

Jiwei: That’s not quite true. I think I also tune Random Forests.

What is the most romantic machine learning model?

All the models that take a day or more to run are romantic, so we can leave the computer and do some romantic things.


Dating Advice

Would you recommend teaming up as a way to meet a romantic partner?

That’s worth a shot… but most likely you will meet a great buddy.


Xueer Chen: I am pursuing a PhD of Biomedical Informatics at University of Pittsburgh. I have a Master of Biochemical Engineering at Villanova University, majoring in Computational Biology and a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering at Zhejiang University. I worked as an intern researcher at GSK in 2014.

Jiwei Liu: I am also pursuing PhD of Electrical Engineering at University of Pittsburgh. I have a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at Zhejiang University.

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