The Visionaries: W3 Lo-fi Wireframes

After interviewing both my client, Jim Kubat, and several student users, my main pain points are directly related to the promotion and advertising surrounding the database (and the Career Center’s resources) as well as it being very generically designed. Since the database is on a dead link, Jim has provided screenshots of how the database currently looks. Based on that design, I tried to keep as much of the information that it currently has/needs and am now trying to find a way to condense the information and also make it seem lessened rather than the long list format that it has. In my next round of interviews, I’ll be studying how people will react to similar sites such as Yelp and Glassdoor as well as creating mock submission forms similar to typeforms to see people’s reactions to the pop-up forms rather than the list. Another next step is coming up with the name for the database since the previous one was detested so much and to figure out what branding to use and how much of it.