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How Hikakin and Seikin’s Brotherhood Influenced My Own Siblinghood

Also, how I realized that siblinghood shouldn’t be mediocre

Siblings day might not be today, but I felt an urge to write this since Despicable Me 3

First of all, what’s the definition of siblings? Let’s scroll through the Oxford Dictionaries!

Sibling /ˈsɪblɪŋ/ (n.): “Each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister.”

Most of us are lucky to have a sibling or two; some have none, while others have bunch.

Yes, bunch, like, Duggar Family kind of bunch.

Even in entertainment world and fictional universe, there are many siblings to be a role model for the real-life ones.

Enough with the general intro; let’s move on to my own story as a sister of two

Meet Gicch’s Sibs!

My eldest sis is a 28 years old freelance writer with superb intelligence but sometimes have a dangerously triggering ego. A Sagittarian with Scorpioan trait, fellow INFP-T. Her American dream is as big as my Japanese dream. Even when our dream is different, the trait we shared is that we tend to remember unimportant, random trivia, in which we thought will be useful someday. She used to hate me for my annoying traits but recently she realized my potential and soft skills and that’s where her perspective on me started to change.

Move on to my youngest bro who will turn 10 this year. He’s like a slightly upgraded version of myself in XY chromosome with added wrath. A stubborn Capricornian. Our strongest bond formed when we draw fanarts together so from there I initiated SibsDrawingDate, inspired by Thomas Romain’s “Father and Sons’ Design Workshop Series” on Patreon and Pinot’s creative works involving her wife and their three children. My parents said he mimicked me the most, probably because 1. He’s a Gen Alpha (2007-born), and 2. Gen Alpha tend to have higher intelligence from Millennials. The last statement came from me, a Gen Z Millennial.

Some weeks ago, my siblings and I recently watched Despicable Me 3 and we discovered this new character; Gru’s twin brother Dru. My mind were focused to the twins, because they remind me of someone, authentic human.


That punch line crossed my mind when Dru’s character developed through the movie! When I asked my Japanese friends later (because Despicable Me 3 released later there), they also feel the same way with me. So that brought us to the next part, to the one who brought this punchline.

Doumo, Hikakin to…Seikin desu!*

That’s the opening line Hikakin used when Seikin appeared on his video

Yep, I saw Hikakin and Seikin in Gru and Dru, only in a different way.

For those who didn’t know, you probably seen them together on YouTube Rewind 2014, because they’re of course, YouTubers!

They were born in a small village in Niigata Prefecture, Japan; Seikin on July 30, Hikakin on April 21. With two years age gap, they used to be a ski jump prodigies together while living their everyday lives.

Although living together, they’re starting their YouTube debut in totally different times: Hikakin’s first beatbox video were dated back from 2006 while Seikin’s first one-man acappella video dated from 2013. But in between those days, they collaborated many times before Seikin started his own path. The peak is, yep, the YouTube Theme Song! I embedded the video below in case you’re curious.

With the lyrics and catchy electronic arrangement by TeddyLoid annoyed my siblings, I think they’ve done a pretty huge impact; you can play the video as your BGM while reading this story to experience their annoyance lol

A couple year before that, they established the first influencer network in Japan named UUUM, with many fellow creators such as Yuka Kinoshita, Hajime, Fischer’s, etc. Hikakin founded the company with CEO Kazuki Kamada, and Seikin joined as a creator in entertainment segment. The company is the one which coined the word YouTuber — which YouTube didn’t like at first but it went viral and became an official term afterwards, although YouTube preferred the term “YouTube Creators” instead.

They managed how to be professional without weakening their brotherhood and that’s really awesome for me because it’s a rare case!

SeiHika Bros. in a Perspective of a Fan Who Also Have Siblings

For nostalgia purpose: a video where the bros reacted to their childhood photos!

Moving on to the next level, as I connected with Japanese fans of Hikakin and Seikin, I noticed that they love it when the sibs — some fans nicknamed them SeiHika — are together in one video; an organic, mutual bromance, which is also hilarious and make you think about something else.

As for myself, aside from their off-camera quarrels that might happened during their lifetime, I realized that recently they defined my perspective on how a #SibsGoals should be.

Most people show their love to their siblings with words, while my sis and I thought it was a huge bullshit. So seeing Hikakin and Seikin showing their love with actions is really heartwarming.

Also, if doing things together with my sibs, I always wondering SeiHika’s perspective in such things, and how they cope the quality time void after they live apart. Because someday soon, I will live apart from them as well.

They’ve indirectly became my role models in sibling relationship.

In Conclusion…

Never in my life I’ve been so influenced by my kamioshi from head to toe; I thought I only relate to Hikakin because of our curiosity of finding weird new stuff in the convenience store, turns out that our relationship with our own siblings also relatable.

Seeing how Hikakin and Seikin treated each other as a sibling really define how I treat my siblings as well; that it’s okay to not say ‘I Love You’ to your siblings with words. That doesn’t make you a bad sibling.

Oh, here’s the video where I get the header image above! I even made a fan art out of this hahaha

So, who’s your siblings role model? What defines your relationship with your siblings and what are your #SiblingGoals?

To impersonate Seikin’s outro line, See You Next Time!



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