That Fake Ray of Light is Dead!

Hikaru’s scandal and disgusting behavior in an eye of a curious KaigaiHikakiner who can’t handle his vibes

DISCLAIMER: In this article, I, by any means, have no intention to defend and/or slam one from another between Hikakin and Hikaru, and their fans. I just wanted to write my opinion about this sensitive, trending matter in my own perspective as a Japanese YouTuber enthusiast from overseas, since I used to watch Hikaru’s videos out of curiosity. Neither I will include the footage of the videos I told you here because I can’t handle the cringe. ALSO, sorry for using Piggy Hika as the featured image.

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Today I’ll be talking about a sensitive topic which currently is trending in Japan; about the scam scandal did by the YouTuber who dissed Hikakin all the time, the half-headed blondie Hikaru.

Yes. KinpatsuHikaru. That Narcissist, Spoiled Brat. Who recently, just announced hiatus in regards of his scandal.

The reason that I brought this thing up right here in KaigaiHikakiner is that when his scandal reached through national news channel and treated as a crime for the first time, a TV hid his face and written ‘YouTuber’ only, which threatens the fans as people will now generalize their fave YouTubers to do the same scams as Hikaru did. Blimey!

At that time, I can’t find any information of it in English since internationally, Hikaru isn’t as huge as Hajime, whom his love affair scandal months ago have the report written in English by Yomiuri and AramaJapan. Until recently, PDR aka Duncan, brought up this matter on his video…WITH ENGLISH SUBS!!!

ICYMI, Hikaru was allegedly did a scam by using the money intended for the Kumamoto charity some years back for his own investment in a trading site VALU, which basically is a startup that lets you hold your own personal IPO without having to getting it registered to your local stock exchange! And, yep, Hikaru made a play of those huge ass amount of money

Speaking of money, he likes to buy lotto in bulk. He tried sooooo hard to prove that he’s rich af by throwing his money off to gambling for something uncertain. My 9 year old brother scolded him for spending such money by saying this, “What if Hikaru ran out of money because of the lotto and can’t live the hell he wanted anymore someday?”

But a new fact revealed right here; way before his YouTube heydays, HE’S ALREADY A SCAM ARTIST!!!

Not only that, back then when I was still subscribed to his channel — yes I do subscribed to his channel, but only for curiosity because his videos kept popped up when I watch Hajime’s — he likes to diss other YouTubers in a very hypocritical way.

All. The. Time.

Hikaru mainly dissed the UUUM gang — although other YouTube personalities from other MCNs and the indie ones also got slammed as well — and the main target was no other than Hikakin. I’m okay with PDR made a “How To Make Hikakin(esque?) Videos” video (mainly because he’s PDS’ elder brother despite of their brotherhood being the opposite to Hikakin and Seikin’s) but not Hikaru slamming Hikakin.

His channel isn’t really that enjoyable either, probably because he aimed for the victory and superiority, all the time. I almost have his *cough*respect*cough* when he struggle to win a Nintendo Switch from a mystery UFO Catcher but at the same time I feel disgusted because he’ll throw off his money banks to win it because his “I MUST WIN NO MATTER WHAT MUAHAHAHAHAHA” kind of mentality.

Oh, also, when he scolded a man in a summer festival over a kuji. He scolded him for being defiant while in fact, he tweeted such thing is sometimes needed in life. Publicly hypocritical, temperamental, and snobby.

No wonder if on the said video PDR concluded that Hikaru is the Donald Trump of the Japan’s YouTube Universe.

Moving on to his fans, which, I…I didn’t know what to say. My friends say that they looked and act like Pro-Trump, White Supremacists. They believed that Hikaru is always right, even though he did something absolutely wrong to the rest of the society.

“WTF are you unsubscribing, you f***king morons? Hikaru ain’t stupid and neither do us!”

Ah, I won’t talk about it any further, just look at them by yourself on the Twitter feed. My fellow Hikakin fans always pinpoint the tweets from the Hikaru-antis so they indirectly got me updated on things.

Finally, let the other YouTubers do the revenge dissing spree. And most of all, leave Hikakin alone; he’s too tired to be involved with these shits.



EDIT: Thanks for PigeonPop from ARAMA! Japan’s open post who educate me a little bit about VALU! I’ve edited what VALU is, complete with a Bloomberg article (that explained it all) that they sent me.