To the Dearest Ray of Sunshine

An open letter to Hikakin, from his overseas fan miles away, all the way from Indonesia


I’m writing this since I’m aware that you didn’t have an official fan club like Pocky or Hajime, so I’m confused like “Crap! How do I mail this to Hikakin? Directly to UUUM???”

First of all, congrats for hitting the 5M on your main channel! To commemorate that, I’m currently in a quest finding as much items reviewed on HikakinTV sold in Indonesia as I can and feature it on an Instagram hashtag series #AsSeenOnHikakinTV, so far, 10 items from 6 different brands and categories.

Secondly, I salute your decision to rest more often since I always read about the risk of overworking and my Japanese fellow fans overly-worrying about your health back then. Here in Indonesia, you might suffering for what we call masuk angin and might need some quick relief that didn’t available in Japan.

Although that means, according to my brother, HikakinTV is no longer Everyday and you might consider a new intro.

Okay, let’s jump to the point.

I first know you from a video collaboration with RunnyRunny999 back in 2015 where I was obsessed with cooking videos. Then I started to binge-watch HikakinTV back in 2016 when my friend told me about your channel, and when I started to get hooked to the YouTube Theme Song you compose and sang together with your brother Seikin before I started to hit the subscribe button back in November 2016.

Your videos gave me the reverse effect from Yuka Kinoshita’s. Whenever I watch Yuka’s mukbang videos, I feel pseudo-full because I imagined that I eat together with her. Whereas your video always gave me pseudo-hunger thanks to your facial expressions and your dramatized “UMAAAA!!!” every time you ate something.

I started drawing you when I turned 21, and I decided to become a Hikakin fanartist shortly after you liked my side-to-side comparison of my watercolor painting of you and the reference I used. I’m not as dynamic as my fellow fanartists but I enjoyed drawing every single piece.

I almost lose my voice when you thanked me for one of the fanarts I made!

No, Hika, I should be the one who thank you!

Recently, I started to admire you deeper after watching your case in GILLE’s “Try Again” video series.

Your words at the very end indicates your good intention of why you started to make videos on YouTube. Btw, I also found out that you’re kinda cute without glasses lol.

Set that cute compliments aside, your intention is the real bomb.

While the vast majority of other fans indicated you as a messiah and a God who is unreachable to a mediocre mankind’s range, that video started to alter my perspective, how I see Hikakin, and how that I really want to have a courage and willpower as much — or maybe bigger — as you do.

Since that day, I started to see that very same Hikakin as a fellow creator in different platforms who is very human. So relatable that there are too many things you like relatable to me: plays Nintendo games, listens to electronic music (not just EDM), loves comfort food and newly-released snacks, curious about weird gadgets, and most of all, hates bugs — mainly cockroaches.

FYI, you’re only 6 months younger than my sister. But your brother Seikin proclaimed himself an elementary schooler at heart so I assume you a toddler at heart — that video where you drink milk with baby bottle strengthen my assumption — and it feels like you’re not a famous person, but a playmate living next door. Which is nice, by the way.

One day, a fellow fan tweeted a link of LINE Matome where they compiled your story of life — which sadly, I lost the link to, sorry about that!

The matome compiled your old blog posts, your childhood photos, as well as your playlist on iTunes, which I compiled into one awesome playlist that some cool kids will like. The link is on this blog’s home page navigation bar, if you’re curious.

And from that matome, my respect towards you grows bigger; I wanted to work with you in UUUM as a part of the global team. I recently stumbled upon the Global Manager’s Twitter account from a podcast and I thought, WOW! Your self-established MCN has brought a huge impact; especially what y’all did to the famous horror RPG Ao Oni!

I really love this words so I tried to rewrite it, but I made a typo lol

I know that behind every great person, there are always bad things following them. I also aware that you might have bad traits that you keep privately. We’re all human mankind so that’s okay. I won’t ask. I fully respect your privacy.

Before I close this letter, do you know why I titled this open letter with ‘Ray of Sunshine’?

That’s right, it was after your real first name.

As a person who overthought etymology of everything, I think it’s nice to know your parents’ intention by naming you after the ray of light. You’ve lived that legacy. You’re the light for the people who see it inside you.

Your smile and goofy laughter indicated the essence of light inside you. You’re stuffed with good vibes.

So that’s the end of this letter, dearest Hikakin.

Keep living by your passion and bring more smiles to many parts of the world. Hope to see you somewhere soon!

Salam sayang dari penggemarmu di Indonesia



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