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Sep 16 · 5 min read

As a content writer at Kaiiax, you’ll be part of our creative team. You’ll be writing valuable, engaging, and trustworthy content for our client’s blogs.

🔔 Interested? You can earn money 💰🤑 in two ways: as a freelance writer or as an in-house full-time writer. Send us your CV at Continue reading to learn more 👇👇👇

Your content will help entrepreneurs, tech experts, and product owners answer these and other important questions:

  • How do I make healthcare accessible to more people?
  • How do I make education more effective?
  • How do I prevent plant diseases?

Thanks to your content, the work of healthcare specialists, educators, farmers, and other entrepreneurs are going to change for the better.

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Powerful content requires excellence

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We’re looking for writers who’re on the same page with us regarding excellence. Here is what we mean by that:

  • No plagiarism
  • No pushy sales
  • No keyword stuffing to rank better
  • No superficiality
  • No nonsense
  • No chaos

We expect you to write only valuable content that is ready to get to the top of search results and convert readers into leads. This kind of content:

  • Is well-thought-out and original
  • Captures and holds the attention of readers to the very last word
  • Sounds confident and persuasive
  • Looks professional and credible
  • Meets SEO requirements
  • Fits its intended audience and purpose
  • Connects with the target audience on a human level
  • Is grammatically correct
  • Is readable and accessible to people with disabilities
  • Moves readers from one stage of awareness to the next
  • “Sells” our client’s brand

Send us your CV at Continue reading to learn more 👇👇👇

We provide resources, extensive feedback, and support

We’ve been perfecting our processes so you could make the most of your writing talent to create exceptional content. This means:

  • Ready-made guides and templates for content creation
  • Collaborative workflow designed for increased productivity and no overload
  • Detailed content briefs that “check all the boxes” to speed you up
  • Professional feedback on every draft from our content editor
  • Daily interactions with SEO experts, marketing managers, subject matter experts, and clients
  • Deep dive into the subject to become a real expert in a certain niche
  • Clear growth path from junior to senior to higher

How do I start writing for your team?

First, send us your CV at We’ll invite you to a job interview or propose a small test to assess your writing skills. If you seem like the right person for us, we’ll offer you our first paid gig. While working on this blog, you’ll learn our processes and will be able to decide whether you want to work with us long-term.

Who writes for Kaiiax?

We work with writers from different backgrounds. We don’t care what your previous experience is as long as you have advanced knowledge of English, desire to grow as a writer, and a team spirit.

How can I make money working for Kaiiax?

You can earn money in two ways: as a freelance writer or as an in-house full-time writer. If you want to work with us as a freelancer, you’ll get paid for each content piece per word based on your rates. If you want to join our in-house team, your salary will depend on your grade and the amount of work you do.

🔔 Send us your CV at

Who will read what I write?

All your drafts will be reviewed by our content editor and copy editor (native speaker). Our professional feedback will help you make your work even better and develop your skills. Once approved by us, your content will be reviewed by our clients.

If you work with us long-term, we’ll share analytics with you so you know how many people read your content, and whether any of them convert into clients.

How can I grow with Kaiiax?

We’ve defined specific grades for writers and skillsets needed to move from one grade to the next. You can learn more about our grades here.

You’re the right person for us, if

If you are willing to work hard to create truly great content — welcome home.

We work with both full-time and part-time writers who match some of the following requirements:

  • You have at least a year of experience as an English content writer (copywriter) or translator
  • You have an advanced level of English
  • You’re comfortable with doing a thorough research and analyzing lots of information
  • You’re excited about technology and innovation
  • You’re a team player

If you want in, here is what to do:

  1. Feel free to send us your CV at with links to some of your previous works.
  2. We’ll answer with either an invitation to an online job interview or a proposal to write a small test.
  3. If you’re the right person for us, we’ll send you the first content brief to get the ball rolling.
  4. If you like working with us and this is mutual, we’d love to collaborate with you long-term (you can decide whether you want to be part of our team or work as a contractor).

Why am I not hired?

If we decided not to work with you, there can be one of the following reasons:

  • Your English level isn’t satisfactory
  • Your writing skills need improvement
  • Our values don’t align

How do I improve my writing skills?

Here are a few resources:

About Kaiiax

Kaiiax pioneered high-quality content in IT. Back in 2013, Kaiiax’s co-founders started working as in-house marketing employees at Yalantis, a software development company. We created some of the best content in our industry and quickly became known as "IT marketing gurus."

The majority of topics that we covered on the Yalantis blog brought a consistent flow of leads to the company. Inspired by our success in content marketing, we decided to start our own marketing agency with a mission to help technology entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Today Kaiiax is a strong SEO & content marketing company with a specific focus on the IT businesses and a number of successful cases in our portfolio (Yalantis, RubyGarage, SteelKiwi, Railsware, Eleken).

We are team players and we hire people with similar values. We’re ready to invest our time and energy into your growth, but expect the same attitude in return.

If you share our values and want to work with us, we’d be happy to see you on our team!

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