Kaiiax Team evolution from 2018 to 2021

There is no silver bullet on how to build a content marketing team right. Team topologies are different and should be. To help you decide on your team structure we share our evolutionary path.


It all started with Content Strategist, SEO specialist and a Copywriter. This is what we believe is an MVP of Content Marketing Team.


An iteration later we decided to keep outsourcing of linkbuilding services from external agencies and freelancers but acquire in-house specialists too. This way we got more control on the entire process and increased availability of the SEO specialist. We also invited Content Editor to join us. Consider Editor as our internal QA department since there is no constant feedback flow from the end readers (the biggest problem of Content Marketing. Though…)


Remember, we are an agency, so constant delivery means a lot for us. So, at this v3 transformation Content and SEO director joined us to direct the teams and manage outputs.




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