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Okay, don’t panic now, but there’s a Kaiju stomping your way… or rather, an entire band of cute and cool Kaiju! With Kaiju Legends you’ll be able to choose and own your favorite PixelKaiju NFT art. By becoming an early adopter, you’ll earn Kaiju Coins by playing games that you had a say in designing.

What’s more, you can join us on the journey to honour the legends of NFT history by using your historical NFT as a playable character in the Kaiju Arena battle game! The first step on that journey is our curated collection of NFT avatars, which will be available to mint very soon.

Already sold? Head over to kaijulegends.io to delve into the worldbuilding of this exciting new project. Want to learn more first? Read on — and keep your eyes peeled for a surprise at the end of the article.

The people behind Kaiju Legends

Let me first introduce myself: I’m Roel Weber, entrepreneur and game-developer. Sure, it’s probably good to know that my company developed interactive entertainment for the BBC, Disney, Samsung and Volkswagen, but I’d consider my fandom of geek media just as important. From a young age on, I’ve been a fan of Saturday morning cartoons (Transformers, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K.) and later in life that was supplemented by Japanese anime.

These things greatly influenced the projects I developed and managed over the previous two decades. From a shoot-‘em-up featuring bad-ass polar bear and penguin to the sprawling virtual world for children we created called Dreambear Saga. Nerd culture seems to seep naturally into everything I touch.

But let’s say that destiny got a little pixelated when I first met artist Jordy te Braak, who goes by the name of PixelKaiju

Monster gallery

The first thing you’ll notice when you see PixelKaiju’s work is that it’s actually, really good. Jordy’s no dabbler in the arts. He’s a professional illustrator and toy designer with an impressive list of clients: Disney, Nickelodeon, Samsung and The Coca-Cola Company.

Jordy te Braak AKA PixelKaiju

With such a track record, it’s no surprise that his own creations, under the PixelKaiju brand, have been featured in art galleries (with exhibits like “Welcome to the Kaiju show” and “IconiKaiju”) and interactive games alike.

The ‘IconiKaiju’ exhibit

He wears his inspiration on his sleeve and his design style can best be seen as a blend of American comics, a dash of Japanese manga and lots of bold colors with heavy outlines. You might be tempted to think street art is a big influence, but that’s not the case according to Jordy. Though let’s be honest, that crazy blue PixelKaiju would look great on the side of any large city block building.

A Legendary project

Our first meeting, which must have been somewhere around 2013, immediately sparked several projects, including two “Kaiju games” for online gaming platform Spil Games. This cooperation was so fun and successful, that we both wanted to pursue it in the future.

‘Bounce, Kaiju, Bounce’ game, developed for Spil Games

When my company WEBER Interactive, which had been operating for over a decade by that time, joined forces with AXASTUDIOS in 2018, it opened up new avenues. I had been a crypto enthusiast for the longest time and the emergence of NFT technology sparked us to take the next step.

AXASTUDIOS, PixelKaiju and I joined forces once again to bring you… Kaiju Legends!

The art, the project, the NFTs

As I mentioned at the start of this article, Kaiju Legends is an interactive community project that centers around blockchain technology.

A sneak preview of the many different kaijus from Kaiju Legends

The core tenets of this are:

  • Incredible, high quality PixelKaiju art — celebrated by both commercial and artistic markets.
  • A curated collection of NFT avatars, with over 500 traits to choose from.
  • A community of enthusiasts and early adopters who support our mission to honour the legacy of the most celebrated NFT collections in history.
  • The creation of the Kaiju Coin, an Ethereum-based token that will become the currency of the Kaiju Legends ecosystem.
  • Kaiju Legends Arena: a four-person multiplayer arena battle game, set in the PixelKaiju world — developed by an experienced team of professionals.

Consider this a roadmap of sorts. Throughout the Kaiju Legends journey, the community will help to define every new step along the way. We’ll deal with all the programming details, while you’ll be able to let your opinions and creativity loose on the gaming worlds we’ll design together!

A piece of NFT history

Years ago, when I first started to learn about web3, I was immediately drawn to the rich history of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Since 2015, so many legendary projects have emerged, from popular PFP collections to pieces of blockchain history — and at Kaiju Legends, we want to honour that legacy.

That’s why in our upcoming battle game, Kaiju Arena, you’ll be able to play multiplayer P2E games — while using your iconic historical NFT as a playable, Kaiju-style hand-drawn 2D character.

Think four-player, last-man standing gameplay, pitting your favourite NFT against your opponents. I never thought I’d see a CryptoPunk fighting a Kaiju Legend — until now!

Our team wants to give back to the NFT community and collaborate with the best in the industry, but at the same time, we’re very aware of the risks involved in overpromising. The NFT space is crowded with projects that promise the world, choosing a quick buck over well-considered design.

Kaiju Legends is nothing like that: we have instead chosen to take our time laying the proper foundations for the project, and this extra time and effort will result in a much sturdier project that will deliver consistently for the Kaiju community.

Artwork for the upcoming Kaiju Legends Arena game

We’ve got an experienced game development team working on a real, playable classic arcade battle game — not just some empty promises of a “triple-A game developed in Unreal Engine 5” that never gets released! :)

I believe we have all the right things in play: world-class art by Jordy te Braak, an experienced dev team with proven quality and the backing of parties that can supply the infrastructure necessary to make this project legendary.

Join the Kaiju Community!

The biggest asset, however, is that awesome li’l blue monster. Or pink, purple, green, dotted, oozing or glittering — there’s no end to the variations our PixelKaiju brought back from his interdimensional trip.

Have you already pictured yourself with a Kaiju Legends avatar on Twitter, Discord, Telegram or other social network/messaging app?

Do you want to join the ranks of the legendary Kaiju and get whitelisted for our upcoming first collection mint?

Kaiju Legends whitelisting mini-game

We’ve got a surprise for you — we’ve just launched our Kaiju Legends whitelisting mini-game that is available to play now: fartgame.kaijulegends.io

Try your luck in the mini-game, post a screenshot of your score (25 or higher) in our dedicated Discord channel, and you will guarantee yourself one of the first Kaiju Legends whitelist spots!

All the key information on other ways to get whitelisted (as well as an exclusive Kaiju Coin guide) will be revealed in a deep-dive article coming to our socials very soon.

I hope you’re just as pumped about this as we are, so hop over to kaijulegends.io to get involved and be one of the first in our community!



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