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Kain Kita first began with two friends who discovered a shared interest in kain while travelling together in Indonesia.

Cassandra and Nurdiyansah speaking at PechaKucha Jakarta, April 2018

Nurdiyansah Dalidjo

Nurdiyansah (Diyan) is an interdisciplinary writer, researcher, and activist who seeks to memorialise the role of spices as the ingredients that fueled the revolution in Indonesia. He started his career as a journalist and has a master’s degree in tourism, and has over 10 years’ experience in development issues. He is currently based in Jakarta and spends his time exploring colonial histories through food and textiles in Indonesia.

Email: | Instagram: @penjelajah_rempah | Website:

Cassandra Sutjiadi Grant

Cassandra is a writer and development consultant who has lived in Indonesia for more than 3 years. Born and raised in Australia, her recent work has focussed on the Indonesian knowledge sector, diaspora, renarrativising women’s work, and the documentation of local wisdom.

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Feby Bramandewi


Feby is actively involved in conservation efforts and creating traditional cloth products through her label Ageman. She also likes to share stories about art and culture through her blog.

Instagram: @bramandewi Website:

Santika Syaravina


Santika (also known as Syara) is a dreamer, designer, and founder of Halomasin, a start-up business that explores innovations in natural dyeing traditions and fabrics from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

Instagram: @syaravina | Website:

Grace Tan-Johannes


Grace is a freelance journalist, researcher and development consultant currently working for clients in forestry, environmental monitoring and labour rights. Since ditching the newsroom in 2012 and pledging to travel Indonesia by land and sea between 2013–2016, Grace has been working on Fairy Tales from the Southern Isles — a travel memoir attempting to understand the Indonesian identity through the eyes of a Third Culture Kid not welcome in her grandparents’ hometown.

After years of building her case among relatives for a Rote homecoming, she plans to finally visit her grandparents’ birthplace with extended family in 2019.

Instagram: @grace.tanjo | Website:

Murni Ridha


Murni is a digital content enthusiast and one half of Since beginning as a travel blogger in 2009 she has worked in the tourism and digital content industries with Wego and IWasHere, and is now currently working as a freelancer. Blogging has enriched her life and given her a different perspective on countries, including how she sees her own country, Indonesia. She has a soft spot for clothes, especially after traveling Indonesia and seeing the diverse techniques and patterns and the love that people have for their kain.

Instagram: @murni.ridha | Website:

Annisa Hendrato

Logo Designer

Annisa, also known as Nisul, is a graphic designer and the creator of the Kain Kita logo. She is also one of the founders of Noesa, a studio that combines art, culture, and nature in their products. Through Noesa, Nisul is dedicated to economically empowering indigenous women in Watublapi, Maumere, in Eastern Nusa Tenggara and revitalising their weaving and natural dyeing traditions.

In the future Nisul dreams of publishing a book about the various kain motifs found in Indonesia.


Rikky Fajar

Video Content Producer

Rikky is a videographer currently working with an NGO in Jakarta. In 2015 he directed the documentary Emak dari Jambi (Mommy from Jambi), which follows the journey of a mother from her small village in Jambi, Sumatra to the capital city of Jakarta, where she must come to terms with her son identifying as transgender. The documentary was nominated for and won several awards at various film festivals, including “Best ASEAN Documentary” at Salaya International Film Festival 2016 in Thailand and “Best Southeast Asia (long)” at Freedom Film Festival 2016 in Malaysia.


Stanley Widianto


Stanley is a writer and freelance journalist from Jakarta who reports on the intersection of politics and cultural issues. Stanley also works as a translator, and helps Kain Kita with translating stories about kain from Bahasa Indonesia into English.

Instagram: @stanleywidianto | Website:

Rina Kusuma


Rina was born and raised in Jakarta and is a mother of two children. Since 2000, she has worked with environmental non-profit organizations including WALHI, KEHATI, and EcoNusa. Rina is a Chevening scholarship winner from the British Government at Brunel University London in the fields of study of children, youth and international development. Together with three colleagues, she founded as a learning hub that facilitates learning sessions on environmental issues and self and community development. Rina also likes to sketch and is active in the Graphic Recorder Indonesia community.

Email: | Instagram: @rinakusuma_nayzay



Nursida, also known as Cida, is an indigenous woman and weaver from Kajang in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi. She now lives in Bogor, West Java and works extensively in the economic empowerment of Indigenous Peoples.

Instagram: @nursida_tari

Voni Novita


Voni is an activist in the areas of environment and women’s empowerment. She is fond of the streets, food, dusk, rain, and — of course — textiles. In 2012, Voni co-founded and built a handicraft house called Bife with the weaver community in Molo Village, NTT.

Email: | Instagram: @vonneekoe



Kain Kita (Kain by Indonesia)
Kain Kita

Telling stories through the indigenous and traditional textiles of Indonesia.