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Jun 9, 2020 · 4 min read
Masks produced by volunteers of the Valenciacose initiative

A Welcome Back for Kaisers

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, our offices throughout Germany were forced to close on March 16, 2020. After more than 80 days of remote working, we have begun the process of reopening our offices, starting slowly with Wave 1 of our return-to-office strategy. This strategy will be executed in a 3-wave approach. These waves will be implemented in line with Germany’s federal & official restrictions. Each wave will only be implemented provided that certain trigger conditions are met and with a minimum 4-week buffer between each wave. Remote working remains our standard until an end to the pandemic is declared; however, we are also eager to take some steps back to normalcy for those team members who require a quiet desk or a different space.

To open our doors properly, and safely, we have redesigned our working spaces to be as socially distanced as possible while keeping the team-feel we are so passionate about. Each office will offer a certain amount of desks that are bookable online. To greet our team, when, and as they return, we have put together a small welcome back package for every Kaiser. This welcome pack includes one handmade mask from Valenciacose with two reusable filters, instructions for use and care and some extra KXL swag.

An Introduction to Valenciacose

The masks we are providing are made by Valenciacose, a Spanish-based social initiative born amid the global Coronavirus Pandemic. This initiative was introduced to us by Eva, our Brand & Visual Design Director. The purpose of the project is to provide every person at risk of severe poverty from the regions of Valencia and Madrid with a hygienic reusable mask, organised, prepared and sewn by volunteer seamstresses. We have donated to Valenciacose by purchasing each Kaiser a mask, for the wellbeing of our team and the wellbeing of others around the world. We believe in the importance of Valenciacose’s mission and we stand behind our responsibility to ensure, to the best of our ability, the health of our entire team.

Operating since March 27, 2020, the goal of Valenciacose is double. Their main objectives are to help the most vulnerable people get an element of protection from the contagion of the virus, thus granting them fair conditions. At the same time, it relieves and keeps elderly people company in this situation of fear, anxiety and solitude, helping them to create friendship bonds and a supportive community. The project brings together a group of people that, spontaneously and voluntarily, collaborate in the various processes required. Valenciacose began this project with 4 seamstresses sewing 320 masks. By May they had over 150 volunteer seamstresses sewing 60,000 masks from their homes and other volunteers who cut, pack and distribute the masks. Everyone does this work altruistically.

Their July goal is 200,000 masks!

Why we support this project

Organising welcome packages in Munich

Valenciacose is a human team, made up entirely by volunteers and is funded by donations from companies and private citizens. Its direction and coordination of the project are led by M. Ángeles Mallent and Marian Villarroel. Kaiser X Labs strongly believes that teamwork is one of the most important elements in creating solutions. We are proud to support this initiative and we’d like to thank the over 150 volunteer seamstresses who are sewing from their homes to keep people safe, and each one of our Kaisers for their supreme patience and teamwork over the many months of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Communication & Sharing of the Social Project

Want to share, help or give? More information about this project can be found on Instagram @valenciacose, on the web at www.valenciacose.org and the El Secreto de la Filantropia Foundation at www.elsecretodelafilantropia.org

Be well. Stay safe,


Written by Jenny Schminke, Communications Manager/ Eva Mallent, Brand & Visual Design Director, Kaiser X Labs. 2020

Photos Valenciacose & Andrea Hönle, Office Manager, Kaiser X Labs. 2020

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