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Syncier Brand Design

Client: Syncier is an Insurance as a Service company using Cloud native technology formed by different ventures that together afford the holistic offer of Insurance services.

Areas: Concept, Naming, Brand Identity, Visual Design, Web design

Syncier is the space enabling other companies to use selected, pre-built elements of the insurance value chain on a subscription basis, essentially powering insurance operations for others. Syncier is the frame that shapes insurance businesses in different ways, based on different needs, by offering infrastructure and insurance services in the Cloud.

When starting with the brand for Syncier, we wanted to address the generosity of an open platform company by bringing a human character to it. The idea of sincerity and transparency, and of being able to build something big by working together, has been our main inspiration in its naming. The structure of the word Syncier is a combination of the prefixes “syn-/sync-” meaning synergy and synchronisation, and the suffix “-ier” that adds a human side to it. The symbol has been designed to emphasise and underline the meaning of Syncier. The honest character of the name was our starting point for the creation of the mark: one single shape; cohesive, straight and simple.

The “S” positioned inside the frame symbolises Syncier’s ability to navigate in free space and explore open areas and new opportunities. Furthermore, composing the logo with the “S” in the bottom left corner implies a curve of growth — representing its customers’ growth — whilst providing a stable frame to expand from within. The space of the square placed above the “S” acts as a metaphor of the Cloud.

To represent the adaptability, scalability and open character of Syncier services we created a grid system where the lines of the symbol move and adapt. The movement of these lines in the space enables the creation of many different shapes as a metaphor for the opportunity to shape unique and diverse businesses around Syncier.

Written by Eva Mallent, Director Brand & Visual Design, Kaiser X Labs. 2019

Brand & Visual Design Team Eva Mallent / César Mallent / Ervin Parashumti

Research Team Andrea Mayer, Director Research & Analytics, Kaiser X Labs

Editor Jenny Schminke, Communication Manager, Kaiser X Labs



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