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The Power of Data Analytics

In a whirlwind of a few weeks back in April, we didn’t just grow by a few new team members but by a whole new team at once. Today, we are happy to announce our new Data Analytics team, 8 specialists who immediately broadened our offerings with the addition of their services and expertise. The Data Analytics team, located in Hanover and remote locations throughout Germany work closely with our other offices in Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt and with our Allianz partners and external teams.

So, what exactly is Data Analytics and why are we so excited about it?

Data Analytics is a discipline that closes the loop of our offerings with data-driven customer-centricity. Its offerings bring personalization and continuous product optimization for the best possible customer engagement and experience to a qualitative level based on quantitative data insights.

Originally from a digital market research company, the Hanover data team has accumulated years of experience in digital marketing and the data and technologies behind it. They have built an impressive track record in big data, cloud-native technologies and customer journey research. Their analysts and software developers wrangle data of any size — from simple metrics to applied machine learning. With this proven understanding of customer needs and behaviours and their broad experiences, they complete our full-service offering in data-driven design, sustainable customer view and personalized customer preferences through our end to end services.

For all of us online, Data Analytics provides valuable insight into designing and improving many of our daily experiences. In modern day-to-day life, data analysis is responsible for the recommendation engines that greet most of us every day — like the ones that personalize your movie list on Netflix, offer you recommendations on Amazon or guide you to the next appointment with the right choice of transportation. These kinds of personalized offerings and solutions can be tailored to your daily behaviours and specific online interactions. It connects the online world with the offline world and vice versa — from recommending you the next great tv series you can’t help but binge-watch, to the right kind of insurance you need before renting a car or going on vacation. It is this kind of in-depth data analysis that makes our design services more human and personally relevant and enables us to offer the best possible customer engagement with a highly personalised user experience.

The Data Analytics team joined us in the Spring of 2019 but they go back about 15 years already as a cross-functional team. The teams’ multidisciplinary depths, which encompass designers, data scientists and engineers, all with a strong focus on customer experience, make them a perfect cultural fit for us. The teams capacity for constant innovation and improvement in data analytics’ methods and tools assures us they are also a great fit professionally.

Heading into this venture we were aware that adding a previously formed team to our already fast-growing company could create difficulties, but since they were already used to working in a multidisciplinary team across several locations, they were quick to become cosy in the title of “Kaiser”. It was very important to everyone that the data team felt a part of Kaiser X Labs from day one, so we immediately started working on ways of weaving together their service offerings into our working methods. The smooth integration of Data Analytics was cared for by an all-hands team looking for synergies and exchanges on services and projects at every crossing. This process in-turn cross-pollinated our areas of expertise.

For our new data team, joining KXL sharpened and broadened their vision, and for us, it built a strong bridge between Research and Data Analytics and led to something greater than the sum of its parts. Data Analytics is always on the quest for customer insights and, as part of Kaiser X Labs, they provide data solutions for companies and endeavours of all sizes. We welcome a future where we find Data Analytics as a part of every project and every discipline within KXL.

Written by Jenny Schminke, Communication Manager, in collaboration with the Data Analytics team, Kaiser X Labs, 2019.




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