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5 Years KXL- Celebration

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Mar 22 · 4 min read
5th Year Anniversary Edition Notebook

Due to the Corona pandemic, Kaiser X Labs has never had a bigger challenge to overcome than in 2020, but we have also never experienced so much success looking at our companies performance. As we continue along our path in 2021, it is with great pleasure that we announce five years of Kaiser X Labs!

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate who we are and where we come from but also to reflect on how we have evolved. We want to celebrate our team for their participation in, and contribution to, our success.

In the last five years, we have expanded into four locations in Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hanover. We have gone from being a team of a handful of Kaisers to over 130 talented team members representing over 19 nations around the world and a millennium of experience. We have grown our offerings, which started in Research and Design Services, into a full-experience design service consultancy, including Development Services, Data Analytics, Agile Mastery, and Product Ownership Services.

To mark this special anniversary, and in light of the ongoing challenges of the Corona pandemic, we dedicated To Go Far, Go Together as our 5th-year motto and we created a special edition notebook as a birthday gift to our team, our collaborators, and our clients.

“Highly appreciated, the notebooks have always been an object of desire and have, in time, become known as an iconic symbol of the KXL identity. You can always recognise a Kaiser in a meeting because of their red notebook. For this special edition, we have put the emphasis on the bold red elastic band as a metaphor of a team that stays together and grows by being flexible and adaptive to change.” Eva Mallent, Director Brand & Visual Design

For the 5th Anniversary notebook edition, we collaborated with our favourite stationery-obsessed company, Mishmash. We love their attention to detail and adventurous spirit and it also just so happens that they were the first vendor that we worked with back in the early days when KXL was just getting started.

“Together with Eva and César, the design process is always as smooth as it can be. Full of ideas from the start, the only hard choices were on “what not to do“ as there were so many ideas. In the end, we decided to go for a full vibrant red elastic band that can be used for multiple purposes and a staple black notebook that surprises you with Kaiser’s iconic blue painted on the edges (that gestures to their mother company, Allianz) and exposed binding, a concept that derives from a search for honesty in materials.”

“To go far, go together” is the best representation of the way Mishmash and Kaiser X Labs’ partnership has flourished. Both celebrating 5 years of age, we have walked hand in hand during this journey and we couldn’t be more proud to celebrate doing what we love everyday. Thank you for empowering us!” Beatriz Barros, Founder & Chief, Creative Officer Mishmash

The collections that Eva Mallent, Director Brand & Visual Design and César Mallent, Senior Brand & Visual Designer, have developed throughout the history of KXL are thoughtfully idealised, with every detail examined with a sharp eye. They are a special representation of how Kaiser X Labs started, what we are all about and how we intend to move forward with our team. Vibrant, detailed, honest, and filled with ideas.

This article is the first in a series that will highlight the 5 years of KXL through Celebration, Recognition, Business Strategy and Shared Experiences. In our next article, we will be sharing more about our team initiative on social media that recognises the nine Kaisers who have helped us build KXL up from the very beginning. We look forward to telling you more about them as they share what keeps them dedicated to what they do.

Written by Jenny Schminke, Communication Manager, Kaiser X Labs. 2021

© Photos by Mishmash, 2021

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