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Kaizen Hour

The entire (lucrative) genre of self-help appears repulsive to many. And I don’t blame them.

I’m a fan of much of it myself, but there are days when I can’t stand any of the nonsense in some of my favourite books. Even though the same advice might feel like the best thing since sliced bread on the very next day!

Because it’s all about if the receiver of the message is ready to receive the gospel. And this is not just about the more permanent character traits we all have due to parents, where we grew up, possibly even genetics…

Have you ever thought about what your life would look like if you had the confidence to live life to its fullest?

I know I have. When I look back on my timeline, I see a trail of missed opportunities, indecision, emotional eclipses, and some broken relationships too. Exploring this path revealed that for me, one of the missing skills was a lack of confidence.

Just think about it. How much more freedom and happiness could you feel if you had the healthy kind of confidence within you? How much easier would it be for you to make better or…

One of the habits I’ve accidentally built over the years is collecting thoughts.

I have little random notes in Google Keep, Pocket, various other places… even miscellaneous text files here and there, and some in my Kaizen Hour dashboard as well.

Reviewing the thoughts that stuck with me in January 2021, the two most powerful ones are:

  1. This is really happening to you.
  2. Panic is entirely optional.

Take the hit and move on.

We’re talking specifically about bad things here. Unfortunate things. Things that hurt or harm in one way or another.

Two common ways to react to these things are either questioning why things are…

Today, I woke up feeling like crap. After downing the morning coffee, I just stared at Instagram for the next hour in a messy brain-fog. Have you ever had mornings like this?

A photo from Unplash.

Getting back after the holidays full of irregular sleeping, eating like a pig, no exercise, and countless other reasons, I found myself in a bad place. The year was about to start with a discord.

Sitting there, I had just wasted my chance of hitting the gym. I had made a grand plan of hitting it three times every week and knew my way around the meal plan…

OK. Maybe it’s now time to look back at 2020 with clear eyes as we have some distance to it now.

But I refuse to start yet another post by regurgitating how tough it was.

Enough about that already.

Besides, for many 2020 was the best year for ages!

This is not to say that the world did not suffer — of course, it did — but undeniably there are a lot of people reporting that it was a welcome break from the utter madness of pretty much everything where we collectively were before the pandemic.

But, really, enough.


I spent my childhood listening to the sounds from the nearby factory. A stream of smoke pillared towards the sky day and night.

My hometown based its economy on the industrial complex — Timber in, paper out.

Nope. Its not my home town factory on this pic :)

Very early, I knew that working on an assembly line of a factory wasn’t for me. I wanted to work with computers instead. So, I became a software professional.

Not long into the career with software, I found myself in a new kind of trouble. I had become a part of the software industry and just another assembly line.

Anyone who’s ever gotten…

Money is the perfect metric of success.

Because it doesn’t lie.

If someone is willing to pay for your stuff, well done. You’ve done something correctly: the market is willing to prove it and reward you for it!

And yet it’s one of the worst metrics, if not the worst.

Not everything that’s worthy of being built is worth a single dime.

I and Antti have been building Kaizen Hour now for a few years. Really, yes, a few years already.

Have we made a ton of money? No. Absolutely not. …

Serious work often starts with a laugh.

My daughter is now 5-months old. It’s about the time when humans take their first real shots at laughing. It’s literally impossible not to smile when that enchanting thing happens: the first laugh of a loved one.

Laugh has always intrigued humans, and it still does. You’ll find over 700 000 research articles on laugh and laughter from Google Scholar. We spent billions on entertainment aimed at making us laugh.

We desire laughter.

The related adjective, laughable, can be a tremendously great productivity tool and a hack to get stuff done — stuff…

I think I got this from some bitcoin-related tweet. But it applies to a broad spectrum of things in life.

It’s a simple heuristic that you’ve most likely heard a thousand times before: Trade the abundant for the scarce.

This heuristic is something that is so much of a cliche that it gets forgotten far too often. At least I have difficulties with it. It’s also something that you easily remember only when something from the ‘scarce’-bin gets taken away. Usually, this happens abruptly and without you knowing it’s coming. But something is always coming.

So we’d all be better…

The tent was packed with soldier on a christmas lunch when the explosion happened. It was the busies hour for the caterin in Mosul. A suicide bomber had walked in wearing a friendly uniform when the terror started. The year was 2004.

As the dust settled, Sergeant Edward Montoya sprang into action from under the table where he miraculously hidden in time to save himself. He began to search through the casualties in order to evaluate the situation.

Within hours, a small makeshift hospital had been set up and the troops were taking care of the injured. Those with the…

Kaizen Hour

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