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The Secret Strategy that Winners Follow — The Slapshot Principle

Think about one thing that you are really good at. Ask yourself this question: ”How did I get good at this? Was it a result of some humongous thing I did last Tuesday?” Doubtful.

That was a passage from Keith Cunningham’s book The Road Less Stupid.

The reason why this passage resonated with me was a strange noise that had gotten my attention few years earlier.

As I was sitting on my terrace I heard a loud CLANK from few blocks away.

The noise continued, so I had to go for a walk to see what it was.

Even though it was raining, the dude had dragged a plywood surface to the street with a battered ice hockey goal. He was practicing his shots.

The same drill has repeated itself almost every night for years already. Even while his teenage friends head out to do what teenagers do, this guy drags the equipment on the street and does at least 100 shots before following others.

If someone were to ask me who has the best shot at playing professional ice hockey around our hood, there would be no doubt in my mind. It’s this 14-year-old.

The same thing seems to happen where ever people rise up to the next level.

Today, I’m sitting with the morning coffee, looking back. I started writing blog posts over 10 years ago. I knew I needed to learn how to explain my professional ideas to others because testing is improving things through peers, bosses and colleagues.

Writing was the only way that felt safe enough at the time.

Now, this post is my 200th on Medium and about 500th that I’ve ever written. The journey has already contributed incredible professional opportunities like speaking in conferences and soon publishing a second book too… And I still feel like a rookie at this.

If you’re still reading, I only have one thing to say. I feel humbled and deep gratitude for the opportunity to briefly meet here over the confines of time and space.

But wait! Before you go, let me leave you with a question.

As Keith Cunningham concluded the chapter mentioned earlier.

Ordinary things consistently done produce extraordinary results.

…I call this same idea the Slapshot Principle :D

So, today the question is.

What is YOUR hundred hockey shots -ritual? Or what could it be?

P.S. Have you ever felt like you could need a bit more confidence? If you have, I’ve launched a video training called Confidence Unleashed. Over 340 people have already done it. Check it out here:




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