Inside D8ii’s New Blog Design (And a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Our Content Strategy)

You will understand this if you work at a startup or have worked at a startup. Things change fast. In fact, it’s too fast that you don’t even understand what happened in a week. Before jumping into the topic let me give you a quick picture.

We knew we had to change our website to make more leads and make our UX better. And it finally happened…

Over one night.

I still remember we have been discussing about changing our web design since I got in to this startup, D8ii limted.

That’s exactly what is happening at startup I work right now. We’ve flipped the swith, and our new design is here.

From where it started, 4 months ago to where it stands today, the D8ii blog has evolved a great deal over this short period of time, and we’re extremely grateful to have built up sizeable audience along the way.

And the discussion around this post made us realise that if we want to continue growing, we need to see change as a necessity. We need to continue to push ourselves and figure out how to keep reinventing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve.

This new design is our latest experiment and in this post, I’m excited to go into detail about different sections of the new blog design and share some of the thinking behind our content strategy.

Let’s jump in!

What’s changed?

Here are some elements to look out for:

Category Discovery

We have arranged messy categories into six major topics in which we will focus on; digital nomad, entrepreneurship, funding, interview article, offshore outsouricng, and startups.

The main goal of this was to make our content more discoverable. We felt that a lot of the great articles we’ve published, thanks to the help of former summer interns, Anna and Ben, that we need to signpost better where particular types of content can be found.

A brainstorm during the lunch break gave us the idea to approach the minimalisic design. You can click one of the categories to discover content based on keywords you’re interested in learning about, for example, “Offshore Outsourcing” and you can check every topic we covered about offshore outsourcing.

3-collumns layout

Under the category discovery tab, we’ve transitioned from a two-column layout to three columns, highlighting more than just the latest piece of content and guiding you through our latest articles on subjects like interview entrepreneurs, seed funding, and entrepreneurship.

Under the Discover block, we’ve transitioned from a one-column layout to two columns, highlighting more than just the latest piece of content and guiding you through our latest articles on subjects like social media marketing, design, and the latest news and trends.

Magazine articles

Magazine articles have an immersive heading with a full-width photo as the background.

We got rid of sidebar only because we want you to solely enjoy on reading without any distraction.

Behind out content strategy

We are currently team of two; russian digital marketing girl, and me Japanese social media junkie. We research, write, proof-read, edit, and share each others contents carefully. As you can see none of us are native English speaker nor writer. Both of us started writing, three months ago.

It takes a little longer than professional writers. But we truly believe will stand out and attract everyone’s attention if we create authentic and genuine content.

Treat our blog as a digital magazine

One of our key focuses now and beyond is to “think more like a digital magazine”. For us, this means:

・Quality over quantity. We are constantly working on how to produce better content everyday and not producing content that doesn’t add value to whomever visits our site

・Commit to having the content calendar scheduled at least two weeks ahead of publishing

・Create editorial guidelines and style guide for guest posts and new writers

・Provide pure value and not salesy. We believe, we cannot attract readers if we only talk about ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s the small details that counts to create great content and not good content. And by having the correct editorial system in place throughout the process from researching to publising feels like a great way to ensure “this is going to help our reader” every time we hit publish.

Thanks for reading…

If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. I’d love the chance to learn from your experience here and to know how all of this feels to you:

How can we keep improving the D8ii blog for you?

What do you think of the new design? Is there anywhere we could improve?

Feel free to drop any thoughts at taiki[at]d8ii[dot]com. It’d be great to hear from you.

Before I forget…

Contact me If you are interested in guest posting as well. We don’t restrict your creativity capacity so here are some editorial guidelines to follow

  • 400 〜1500 words
  • Personal experience is much appreciated
  • Relevant images for your story (at least one)
  • Include a headshot and 1–2 sentence bio with any required links
  • Send me an email to me with the subject lines [article submission]

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