Recommend = Like + Share

Don’t be afraid to recommend too much

What is the true function of recommend on Medium. When you think about it. Recommend equals to a combination of Like and Share on other platforms.

I personally LOVE recommend. I prefer recommend much more than Facebook like for example. Recommend on Medium gives me so much value than others and here is why.

Why I love recommend so much?

You can recommend as much as you want. Unlike other social media platforms. Say, Twitter. If you Like or RT too much. You know what’s going to happen. You are flooding your followers newsfeed with your RTs. And eventually that will lead you to loose some followers.

Have you ever read what Medium says about recommending?

Medium states on their guideline as such:

Recommending a story on Medium is a way to show your appreciation to its author and to share the story with other people in your Medium network.

Appreciation to its author AND to share the story with other people.

Medium is special.

I think Medium is one of the few or the only platform that focuses on CONTENTS and not PEOPLE.

I don’t know why people follow particular person on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat etc… Well, I actually know why. Because, people are following people. Because people like them. It sounds repetitive and obvious. But this is fundamental psychology behind social media followings.

When it comes to Medium though. People follow contents. I don’t think you give a damn about the person behind the screen writing. And great content deserves to be shared, to be heard, to be reached to more people.

If you want to show your appreciation or if you think it’s cool, just recommend it without second thoughts.

I have never had tons of ❤︎ yet (I will, one day!). But I know this. That little magic heart button really reach to writer’s heart. I mean who doesn’t like to be appreciated.

[Day two of 30 days writing challenge! ]

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