Monetising over wi-fi while delivering a good customer experience

Mar 31, 2017 · 2 min read

Customer experience is KING. Good quality free wi-fi on venue is now an expected “amenity service” by customers. So, how do you satisfy the expectation of the customer’s experience while generating revenue to clawback the costs of providing good quality free wi-fi service?

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A trend now is the monetisation of the wi-fi through advertising. You could provide pop-up advertisements on your wi-fi network and generate revenue by charging advertisers who want to reach your customers. Ads may be shown to customers when they first connect to your venue’s wi-fi network.

However, the monetisation model has been somewhat elusive. Usually ads that are shown once at first login can easily be dismissed by users instantly within two seconds, resulting in poor advertising effectiveness. If the ads are constantly being intrusive, the customers will get annoyed and they will eventually leave your wi-fi, which may cause negative feelings towards the brands they see. If this happens, the effort to monetise your wi-fi network fails.

Hence, keeping your customers happy and their experience positive is key to generating revenue for your business. If you have a good quality, fast wi-fi network, don’t keep chasing them away with bad intrusive ads which may leave a negative experience for your customers. Most importantly, find out when is the best time to show them the ad and when not to. For example, if a customer is busy messaging or live streaming, they may not appreciate being directed to see an ad. However, if customers are idle browsing the internet, then they may not mind seeing relevant and contextual ads occasionally. For example, a football fan at stadium wouldn’t mind seeing occasional ads by football associated brands to celebrate a goal kicked.

Finding the right balance between showing them a mix of sponsored and non-sponsored content relevant to the venue and event, without intruding upon the user will enhance their experience.

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