Top 3 ways of getting users to connect to your company’s free wi-fi to increase brand awareness

Jun 30, 2017 · 2 min read
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I have been receiving some questions lately from some of our customers about getting users to connect to their free Wi-Fi. One of the questions that their prospective user ask was why should they connect to the free Wi-Fi network if they are already on a good 4G mobile network.


I like trendy and fun things, I enjoy spending on fashion, technologies, food and drinks. I like a good promotion, especially the limited edition ones. I have a 12 months old Samsung Galaxy S7 with my preferred telco on a massive 10 Gigabyte (GB) per month plan. Although I watch Youtube, use Facebook and Instagram frequently, I have never once exceeded my quota. Occasionally, I see retail shops and malls offering free Wi-Fi, but why should I connect to these Wi-Fi when my 4G is perfectly fine?” — Jason C., 25-year-old, Sydney.

In most developed nations in the world, the incentives and call-to-action for users to connect (and reconnect) to free public Wi-Fi must be aggressive and attractive. Here are some tips I would like to give my customers who offer free Wi-Fi to help them create brand awareness:

1. Innovative and fun call-to-action signages. “Wi-Fi available” signages are synonymous to the toilet signs in public places, people only look for them when they need them. The effort in requesting people to connect to free Wi-Fi shall be the same as promoting a commercial product or service.

2. Hidden limited promotions available only after connecting to Wi-Fi. Stash promotions and specials inside Wi-Fi, and only reveal these promotions to users on the network.

3. Lowest hurdle to connect to Wi-Fi. If a user connects to your free Wi-Fi, avoid barricading them with hurdles of authentications and requesting personal information etc. Make it easy for them to connect to your free Wi-Fi network without asking too much information.

Most importantly, remember that you are offering the free Wi-Fi, you want Jason to use your Wi-Fi, you need him more than he needs you, remove the barriers and stack up the incentives.

For more information about how to use Wi-Fi as an advertising channel, check out


Locatise — Local Area Advertising

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