The Beast

Clarissa Liimatainen

It was raining when I was told,

About the Beast that lived inside.

He’s spreading,


Like a ripple in the water.

He crept in so quietly,

Like a thief tiptoeing in the night.

Stealing light, stealing laughter, stealing time,

The most precious thing of all.

As the days trickled into months,

And as the months went on,

The Beast continued to grow.

Then it happened.

One normal summer day,

Turned out to be not so normal after all.

For that is the day our hearts had broke,

Shattering into a million shards,

like a piece of glass.

A Grinch-like grin came over the Beast.

He had won.

There was nothing left for him to steal.

Just like so many before her,

The Beast left her empty.