Glowing lentil soup

I mostly followed the recipe here. It turned out wonderfully. I used fresh turmeric instead of powdered, left out the cardamom because I couldn’t find any and as always used avocado oil instead of olive. The recipe calls for spinach at the end but that sounds nasty. Instead I served it over rice and cabbage. Also can be served with yogurt or maybe cilantro. Maybe add a crunchy garnish? I think it may actually go well with pineapple too if the pineapple has some time to soak in the flavors. I really want to experiment with the flavor combo in this soup. Maybe try with steak in a crock pot. Or thicken it and treat it like curry over rice with naan.

This is the last time I use fresh turmeric. It stained my hands and knife, was more work and harder to tell how much to use. I think I will avoid fresh ginger from now on too unless recipes specifically call for it.

I found out later that red lentils cook faster than green so that’s probably why mine took so long. We did this again a few days later with some blue potatoes. We keep wanting to add filler to this like beans, rice and potatoes to make it a real meal but I want to resist that urge and make it where it’s an actual soup.