The Kamari ZBG Launchpad Sale Ends in Minutes

Details and What’s Next


  • 2726 people participated.
  • 6,666,666 number of Kamari Coins [KAM] sold in two sessions: ZT/KAM and USDT/KAM.
  • $4,000,000 in KAM was purchased.
  • The sale concluded in 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

The Kamari team is proud to announce the conclusion of the KAM token offering on ZBG Launchpad . In just a matter of a few minutes, all 6,666,666 available Kamari Coins were purchased by the public in the first, extremely successful, ZBG Launchpad sale.

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Kamari is the currency for mobile gaming and payments that will unite one billion people. We have integrated existing gaming infrastructure and lottery licensing with a unified cryptocurrency to be used for online and mobile gaming and payments. As digital access has exploded across Africa, the Kamari coin will offer a better experience to traditional gaming and sports betting users across the continent.

With six of the ten world’s fastest growing economies, an exploding young adult population of over 200 Million, and an 80% penetration participation of mobile phone, Africa has all the right opportunities for new blockchain innovation and adoption to explode. Kamari will address the chronic need for a functional, fair, and safe cross-border trading token, which users across the continent can trust with their mobile payments.

Kamari seeks to solve:

  • Cross border payment issues: fraud, volatile exchange rates,
  • Parity across fluctuating exchange rates: some citizens currently benefit more in one country than another, given inflationary pressure on fiat currencies
  • Trust issues with some governments on the continent
  • Lack of transparency with current online casinos and digital gambling entities
  • Increasing identity theft targeting new digital consumers in Africa
  • Security Issues around digital accounts — persistent issues with stolen funds

The Kamari Coin allows for users to participate in widespread cross-border lotteries, sports betting, and online casinos throughout Africa. Kamari is for consumers in Africa (and eventually the world) who want to access legitimate, secure, and decentralized digital gambling.

The coin can be used in a variety of ways. It can serve as a utility token for payment through physical POS terminals and retail partners, or payment through smartphone enabled POS apps. Most importantly, it will soon allow for participation in the Kamari pan-African lottery, a new transcontinental lottery with a larger liquidity pool.

Kamari also is in talks to integrate with an existing blockchain technology platform and ecosystem. Once up and running, KAM tokens will allow users in this ecosystem to participate in gaming and payment applications through our platform.

Our launch is of historic proportions — Kamari Coin is the first, single payment method used to secure equal participation in a mass-player game in Africa. Not only will this serve to unite African neighbors together — akin to Mega Millions or the Powerball for Americans and Canadians — but it also has the opportunity to create a trusted, transferable, and interoperable platform for trade for Africa.

What’s Next?

The Kamari Coin will democratize access to earnings potential for hundreds of millions of Africans. This utility token gives access to a variety of different methods to earn money.

Ordinary Africans that want to participate in sports betting for their favorite Football team will now have access to an even larger betting pool than just with their immediate neighbors. They will also be able to access stable, secure, and trustworthy digital casinos, and play their games with peace of mind.

Kamari is here to upset the roulette table, and unite a continent through the creation of one mobile payments currency that will give them access to wealth creating opportunities. All while introducing the continent to a trustworthy, digital payment platform, and spreading the adoption of blockchain technologies.

Stay tuned for more updates!