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Jul 4 · 4 min read

On the heels of our Special Announcement highlighting platform updates and our new website, we’re excited to share even more progress regarding the development of the Kambria platform.

Binance Chain Support

Last week we announced our migration of KAT to Binance Chain. This migration offers Kambria and its community the opportunity to be a part of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystem on the planet. Our application to be listed on Binance DEX has been approved.

Our development team has prepared for the Binance DEX listing, performed required about Binance chain and fundamental mechanisms of the swap. Once Kambria is validated and approved by the Binance community, KAT holders will be able to swap their ERC-20 KAT for BEP2 KAT and enjoy trading on the largest DEX in the world, Binance.org. To learn more about why Kambria is choosing Binance Chain, read this post.

Withdrawing KAT to External ETH Wallets

In this latest round of updates, our dev team has made it possible for users to withdraw KAT from their account to an external ETH Wallet. Users will simply type their ETH address on our platform, make a withdrawal request, and then confirm the request by clicking the link sent to their email. Kambria admins will approve the request and users will be able see their KAT and Karma transaction history in their account.

Our developers have also released the latest version of the Capsule Wallet which now supports page-refreshing and logout. The core has been separate into a new repository named capsule-core-js.

Bounty Page and Support for Vietnam AI Grand Challenge

This past weekend, Kambria held the first of three hackathons in the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge. Over the past several weeks, 187 teams registered for the hackathon through our platform’s Bounty page. Users were able to create profiles through the app and submit their hackathon project proposals.

Along the way, our dev team has been making modifications and additions to the bounty page functionality such as limiting the number of members per team and creating filters to better sort and identify participants competing in each event. They have also developed an online scoring system for judges. We can’t wait to see what our hackers create and how our experts score their projects.

Global Innovation Fund is Live

Another new platform feature is the Global Innovation Fund (GIF) page. Now researchers, universities and entrepreneurs who seek a corporate partner to assist in developing

and commercializing their research projects can apply for that funding through our platform. Simply provide us with information about your research and we will help identify possible matches based on our global network of companies hungry for innovation.

Resource Library Now Available

Another new feature on our platform is our Resource Library. By holding KAT, users can access our curated library to read articles, research papers, ebooks, textbooks and videos focused on artificial intelligence. Learn the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning, about the Law of Large Numbers in AI, Convolutional Networks, and more. Going forward the Resource Library will contain resources on both AI and Robotics topics across a wide range of sectors.

Content Challenge

Although it hasn’t yet been announced, our dev team has set the stage for our upcoming Content Challenge. Stay tuned for details about how you and other community members can participate in making Kambria a thriving resource for AI and robotics enthusiasts by submitting your original articles. Since we love a good challenge around here, winners will be chosen and rewarded with cash and KAT. Our platform is already set for registration, article submissions, and announcement of winners to support this initiative.

While we put the final touches on the Challenge, we invite you to experience the Kambria platform and new website for yourself. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Open Innovation Platform: https://app.kambria.io/

Website: https://kambria.io/

Originally published at Kambria.

Kambria Network

We’re redefining and turbocharging the innovation process to scale broad social impact on a multitude of verticals

Kambria @ www.kambria.io

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We're redefining and turbocharging the innovation process to scale broad social impact on a multitude of verticals. More @ www.kambria.io

Kambria Network

We’re redefining and turbocharging the innovation process to scale broad social impact on a multitude of verticals

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