Dear Kambria Community,

The last few months have been incredibly busy! We have been hard at work developing the Kambria open innovation platform, with the goal to dramatically accelerate development and adoption of the world’s most advanced AI & robotics technology. Today, we are one-step closer towards achieving that mission.

We are excited to announce the availability of the MVP version of the Kambria platform which will enable our user base to start testing and building compelling robotics and AI use cases. Starting today, we will provide early access to the first 200 users and we cannot wait to see what you build using our platform! If you are interested in testing out the platform, please fill out the request form

The goal of this MVP is to put together the lower level frameworks and to build the infrastructure for user flows in the system. On the blockchain side, we have deployed a test token contract on Rinkeby and a test token called KATT. We have also built an e-commerce like framework with browsable products, a cart, and the ability to check out and pay for items using KATT. We’ll be enhancing this in the near future to support the upload of custom designed parts (e.g. 3D printed, waterjet cut, etc.), and workflows around those parts.

We are focusing a lot of our effort on the infrastructure and tools for the Kambria codebase as well, so that early developers and partners can start sharing and collaborating on designs. We have completed the initial GitHub integration so that open repositories hosted on GitHub can be linked into Kambria and explored. We have a placeholder module for KDNA in JSON format with some initial semantic tags, but this will evolve quickly over the next few weeks.

On top of the GitHub integration, we also have a built-in STL viewer that allows you to preview mechanical parts that are semantically tagged within each repository. We are working on other content browsers for Eagle schematics as well. Our vision here is that you will be able to dive in and see every single part of any Kambria design in one shot, and in doing so you will be able to traverse tens or hundreds of GitHub repositories easily to find the ones that you want to use in your own design.

Stay tuned — we have a test design that we will give away on Kambria as the first test project! We have a neat wearable Arc Reactor that includes some 3D printed parts, PCBs, and random other parts to source. It doesn’t quite put out 2 gigawatts but with the right outfit it can make you look like Tony Stark!

Key Features of the MVP version

  • Access to code and hardware schematics:
    - Each part is semantically linked to other related parts, e.g. a motor drive has a PCB controller with firmware
    - Everything is stored in the CodeBase which is implemented on top of GitHub
    - Each code repository has a KDNA to semantically describe the components of the part and its relation to other Kambria repositories and/or parts
    - Relevant components are rendered directly onto the platform, e.g. mechanical parts, PCB schematic and BOM information
  • Developers can make modifications and ordering custom parts in low quantity
    - We build protocol to modify existing components and submitting the changes for manufacturing directly with one of our partners
    - The protocol is integrated directly into our lean manufacturing system so we can do quantity 1 manufacturing
  • Education component that teaches developers how to integrate the part into other kambria products

Preview of MVP Version

For those who are unable to get into the early users program, here is an initial preview of MVP components and capabilities.

Consumer tab where consumers can buy complete robots with KATT tokens
Developers can search and buy the required components for their robots
3D rendering of the parts
Another robot component developers can buy with KATT tokens
Confirming the order!

What’s next?

Some of the cool features we are building for the next versions of Kambria platform:

  • Voting system
  • Innovation marketplace (K-prize)
  • Kambria Manufacturing Alliance (KMA)
  • Licensing system for fair use and legal protection

While the MVP release is a small step toward the full feature platform, it is an opportunity for us to showcase the potential of our platform and what our users can do with it. We are excited to have achieved this first deliverable on schedule, which speaks to our commitment to the project and our appreciation to the community.

Community participation and support is very much a cornerstone of the Kambria project and we would love for you to get involved. Our plan is to continuously update our incredible community regarding every milestone in our platform development. We welcome your feedback including enhancements, bugs, feature requests or anything that will help us improve!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at or Telegram. We always love hearing from you all!

The Kambria Team

Kambria Network

We’re redefining and turbocharging the innovation process to scale broad social impact on a multitude of verticals

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We're redefining and turbocharging the innovation process to scale broad social impact on a multitude of verticals. More @

Kambria Network

We’re redefining and turbocharging the innovation process to scale broad social impact on a multitude of verticals

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