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Glitch and KamPay Partnering to Facilitate Trustless Money Markets

Glitch and KamPay Partnering

We’re pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Glitch, a blockchain agnostic super protocol and created in order to facilitate trustless money markets. It is a blockchain-based operating system that was created specifically for DeFi applications.

This partnership will be multifaceted.

First, Glitch will work together with KamPay to create a bridge to the GLITCH network, will list KamPay tokens on the GEX, and ultimately benefit from KamPay’s reach to expand Glitch’s userbase throughout various markets in Africa.

As a new, hybrid-style L1 blockchain, GLITCH comes with a

bunch of unique characteristics. However Glitch focuses on users’ perspective, above all, the application layer.

In this sense, KamPay and Glitch complement one another.

KamPay consists of the lightweight KamPay Wallet and KamPay,

a mobile application and web client for remittance. Along with

these pieces, KamPay’s system will be supported by the (BEP20) KAMPAY token that runs on Binance’s low-cost smart chain — ideal for economically disadvantaged users.

The wallet is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly digital tool for daily transactions. To start, the wallet will serve as a holder for KAMPAY

tokens and as a portal for users to participate in state-sponsored

lotteries. The lotteries are a key to KamPay’s growth strategy.

Currently, KamPay has agreements with seven African lotteries

and will be running pilots in a few select countries.

KamPay is looking forward to a healthy and prosperous relationship with GLITCH.

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