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Build Foundation of “Goguen Era” The Cardano Smart Contracts

After proclaiming Cardano became “The True Decentralized Protocol”, Cardano already prepare for entering the new era, that is “Goguen Era”. In Goguen Era providing the ability to build decentralized applications (DApps) on Caradano. With certain programing language, people can make their own DApps.

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Before the mainnet of Goguen could running, there is somethings that Cardano must do. That is changing and upgrading the protocols with the new updates and optimization known as “Hardfork”. This procces takes time and that time could affected Cardano Token ADA in the cryptocurrency market. Well planned and well organized Hardfork phase on blockchain technology leads to the greater achievements in the future. In Cardano case, they need three major Hardfork must to do before Goguen fully operate in Cardano network. These are the summaries explanation of what are the three major Hardfork of Cardano before Goguen fully optimized :

1. “Allegra Hardfork”

Allegra Hardfork phase of Cardano will be able smart contracts utilizing the Token Locking feature and adding Metadata on it . Token Locking features enabling a new capabillity for “freezing” the contracts agreements, deals or settelement written on future Cardano’s Decentralized Apps smart contracts and make sure every contracts that contain with some agreements, deals or settelement locked in a certain time. Metadata on this updates is enabling to add some annotation of what contracts used for.

2. “Mary Hardfork”

In Mary Hardfork Token ADA become multi asset chain, it means you can made a Token in Cardano Network and token treated like ADA natively with same privileges. Not like “other” blockchain network who charged some fees or certain price when not native token running on their network.

3. “Alonzo Hardfork”

The purpose of this Hardfork is a Deployment of the Cardano’s smart contracts language Plutus and optimazing Plutus running on Cardano. Plutus purposed for the user to create DApps developing language and execution platform using the functional programing language Haskell. These well planned establishment intended for creating a DApps that can provide an easy way to make a smart contracts, it called Marlowe DApps. Marlowe specifically made for people who wasn’t from programing background could make a smart contracts with easy use procedure and friendly interface form.

After all the Hardfork , fully utilization of Goguen could be major breakthrough for Cardano. The critical question, where is Cardano developement position right now ?

According this article date created in 9 April 2021, this is Cardano’s progress roadmap:


All these combination of the three Hardfork before Goguen, can lead us to assumptions if all this running well, the integration of three of major Hardfork gave a huge impact for Cardano capabilities to compete with “others” networks. The secure and detail smart contract’s with the Time Locking and Metadata feature-running with a native Token previlege on an easy bulid smart contracts DApps could be major advantages for Cardano. From this point of view we can assuming that build foundation of Goguen are this three major Hardfork. After this three major Hardfork completely done, Goguen Era Cardano will be fully operating and could motorized users can create something in Cardano. All this progress affected Cardano’s Token ADA price. it probably goes up when Goguen fully operated and fully executed. only time will tell and let us keep wait and learn this progress of Cardano development.

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