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Open Data for Businesses and Greater Good

What is Open Data?

Governments and municipalities

NGOs and non-profit organizations

News and mass media

Science & Research

For-profit organizations


Why Should You Care?

Open Data for the Good of Society

Visualizing Vancouver’s city blocks in MapBox

Open Data for Businesses

  • Yelp uses a database of businesses and municipal health inspections and augments it with search, ranking, and social features
  • WalkScore uses location data of shops, schools, and transit to compute a convenience rating for rental apartments
  • Mapbox uses open data to provide high-quality mapping solutions

Open Data for Machine Learning

Occurrence of topics in searches. Source: Google Trends


  • Discoverability
  • Lack of cohesion
  • Accessibility
  • Collaboration
  • Poor handling of time dimension
  • Monopolization of data
  • Lineage & Provenance




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