My six months journey at WSO2

I joined WSO2 in early June 2021 as part of the Platformer acquisition. Very honestly I was initially very nervous, especially for my ex-Platformer colleagues. We had a family-like culture at Platformer and were worried about how they would fit within a large Enterprise Software company.

To my surprise, within a few weeks, they started working together as they had worked together for ages. Phew, that was a big relief for me, as you know I value people a lot. They found that WSO2 culture is very similar to Platformer.

For me the support from the senior leadership team, members in other cross-functional teams were exceptional. Never felt like I was coming from a different company. They listened, we discussed things, challenged on ideas, managed disagreements gracefully and most importantly I was able to focus and contribute to the new version of Choreo and its backend integration.

So far it’s been an amazing journey, a happy team, great product outcome, and taking many new challenges to support our customers.

On final thoughts, I believe the journey has just begun, a long way to go in supporting our customers with their digital journey and creating awesome digital experiences for their customers.

Thank you all at WSO2 for the awesome support to date. Look forward to an exciting year in 2022 and beyond.

Come and work with me and other extraordinary people at WSO2.

Don’t be afraid to try out Choreo and Asgardeo too.



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Kanchana Wickremasinghe

Kanchana Wickremasinghe

Husband, dad of two + 2 dogs, cook, Open Source Advocate and Co-founder of Platformer Cloud Pty Ltd ( — acquired by WSO2) living in Melbourne.