Kandu expert focus: Alfie Lambert, growth hacker

“He doubled our subscriptions in his first quarter” — Adil Karim

We’re delighted to validate our next expert onto Kandu, growth hacker Alfie Lambert. We like to promote experts who win our Kandu ‘K’ badge — which means they come recommended by startups or clients for their experience and how well they live Kandu values of be honest, be supportive and add value.

Alfie is a specialist growth marketer with a track record of rapid growth in early-stage startups. He is currently working as a growth hacker in AI/AR. He says, “I have had stints as the CMO for a FoodTech app, partner at a FinTech company and as an advisor to dozens of startups. My true north is always growth and retention.”

You can find him here on Kandu — sign in and see if you get matched!

Startups often end up posting on Facebook groups with the plea “I need help with SEO….” but real growth often requires someone who can flex all the available marketing and related product levers available to a startup. Unsurprisingly, when startups meet someone who knows this and shows a real impact, they like to keep hold of them.

“We were initially looking for someone to point us in the right direction, but have taken Alfie on as a permanent advisor,” says Adil Karim, founder of Lix-it.com, a tool which helps user expert search results from Linked In.


He continues, “Alfie made an immediate impact on my business, doubling subscriptions in his first quarter working with us. He has a demonstrably in-depth knowledge of marketing practices and processes for startups and arrived for his first consultation stacked with ideas for us.

“Aside from his general marketing and growth hacking skills, his copywriting and communication is excellent. He’s been instrumental in training up my team to manage the BAU tasks and can really get everybody bought-in to his plans.”

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You can spot a validated expert when you see the green Kandu K badge on their Kandu profile. Its our first iteration of of trust rating system that will develop as we grow.

The Kandu K Badge

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