Kandu Founder Focus: Komal George, Founder of Turmeric Supplement Line, Amala Pure Health

Komal, a pharmacist, combined her training with her understanding of spices to create a immunity boosting turmeric supplement. She is now taking her business global.

Komal, a pharmacist for over 12 years, first had the idea for her supplement business when she was on maternity leave. This time out gave her a chance to reassess her life goals and future direction. Having been brought up in an Indian household, turmeric had always been used to treat colds, cuts and as a general support to good health. With her toddler son picking up every bug going — her mum suggested taking turmeric to help him.

Komal was starting to see in her pharmacy work a huge change in how ailments were being treated and the growing emphasis on preventative care and wellbeing. She started to contemplate combining her pharmacist training and experience with her understanding of spices to create a product that could really improve wellbeing and health.

That winter, Komal launched her very own mini clinical trial — taking turmeric every day. Whilst her husband and toddler got every bug going, Komal got through the season without a single ailment.

She was so impressed by the impact on her health that she decided to formulate her own turmeric supplement for sale, made from organic and sustainably grown turmeric root powder, in a easy to take capsule. The next step was joining the Escape the City programme. As Komal says, “It gave me a fantastic network and structure. I would really recommend it.”

Amala Pure Health was officially launched in January 2017 and it has seen strong growth ever since. Particular highlights include being ‘best functional ingredient finalist’ at Food Matters Live 2017 and being featured in Pscyhologies Magazine.

Komal joined startup/expert matching service www.wekandu.io to find an expert who could help advise her on exporting.

Having matched with Bryan, he pointed her in the right direction to understand how to take her business internationally and she is already in talks with the UKTI about the next steps and has taken a new direction as a result.

Says Komal, “The fact that a platform like Kandu is there to help connect entrepreneurs with experts is amazing, and the help Bryan gave me has been invaluable.”

Komal is particularly passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, especially those who have been or are pharmacists. She says, “They are a huge untapped resource, they’re on the frontline and a direct interface with patients and potential patients everyday — their knowledge and insight is invaluable to helping improve the UK’s healthcare and innovation.”

For more information about Amala Pure Health, please visit the site here.

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