Wellness startups! Top tips to harness social media and grow brand engagement

Social media and Kandu expert Alicia Norton spells out her top tips for “wellpreneurs” trying to grow customer engagement an increasingly noisy world.

The wellness industry is one of the fastest growing industries, worth $3.7 trillion globally according to The Global Wellness Institute. From the expected categories of fitness & nutrition to the more emergent categories of meditation, floating and sound healing, there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the sector.

Its growth can largely be attributed to the rise of what I call ‘wellness representatives’ such as Deliciously Ella, The Hemsley Sisters and Madeleine Shaw to name a few, but also to the shifting societal attitudes towards lifestyle and general wellbeing.

If you’re a start-up in the wellness industry, you’re likely to gravitate towards social media, but with increasing saturation of consumer-facing platforms, how do you ensure your wellness business stands out? Here’s a round-up of my top considerations:

Pick the right platforms: With limited resources at the start of your journey, focus on the platforms your target audience are more likely to be active on. Each platform has their own demographic, so make sure you know which ones fit with your customers before investing in content.

Ensure you’re well set up on the platforms: From your Instagram biography and consistent usernames, to your open hours on Facebook, it’s vital to check all is set up properly so that your audience can find the information they need.

Remember that content is king: With the amount of content out there, it’s vitally important to ensure your content is a) of the highest quality and b) closely relevant to your brand. I have seen my clients’ communities grow as a result of simple shifts in alignment, and putting quality over quantity when it comes to content.

Get relevant through partnerships: Whether you use sister brands or places, social media is a great way to join the dots and appear more relevant to your audience. Mechanics include competitions and giveaways, but also organic mentions and shares.

Whilst influencer marketing is a tricky field to navigate for start- ups, finding key ambassadors whose audiences resonate with yours can be extremely effective in growing a fanbase on social and beyond.

Remember to build a community face to face: Whilst social media is great for showcasing your brand, keeping your customers up to date and driving awareness, supporting online activity with offline engagement will be the key to building meaningful connections with your customers.

Whether this is a joint event, relevant panel discussion or supper club, it will also ensure you’ve always got something to say on social too.

Don’t fall for bots: I’ve seen many brands buy follower ‘chatbots’ online but I advise against it as these can horribly backfire. Instead, focus on building an engaged community of people who are really interested in your brand and are likely to buy your products, and look to retain your followers through enriching newsletters, information and ambassadorship.

Finally, for start-ups in the wellness industry starting out on social media, success can usually be judged on the following key criteria:

Relevant community growth: Are you reaching who you want to reach?

Community engagement: Are people interested in what you’re putting down?

Talkability: Are people talking about your brand beyond social?

That’s it — good luck with your startup, and if you’d like any more tips or support, find me on startup matching service Kandu!


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