Why a Disney movie contains your most useful lesson as an entrepreneur

Every startup needs a Mama Odie from The Princess & The Frog 👸🏾🐸

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Thanks to my toddler, some years back, I spent 3 months watching Disney’s The Princess & The Frog on permanent repeat. I’m not complaining too much as it is my favourite Disney movie, but what has stuck with me is the wisdom dispensed by Mama Odie — a Louisiana Voodoo Priestess, alongside her pet snake, a flock of dancing flamingos and a jazz-playing alligator.

“And they all knew what they wanted. What they wanted me to do.I told ’em what they needed. Just like I be telling you.You got to dig a little deeper. Find out who you are.You got to dig a little deeper. It really ain’t that far

Mama Odie in Action.

This is where the startup bit comes in. What you want as an entrepreneur is not necessarily what you need — and this is the main reason why we have launched Kandu. There are sites everywhere for you to meet people who will do what you ask, (whether they do it properly is for another blog)— but they will do it.

Over the years, Nina and I have met many startups who have found people to do a specific piece of work, but were still left with the underlying business problem. They had spent money, time and energy, and were back at square one. They had kissed a lot of frogs! It was clear there was a huge failure to be addressed —and with that comes huge opportunity. We wanted to create a community where entrepreneurs could connect with people (who may not have the flamingos or voodoo)but definitely have the smarts to be able to dig a little deeper and find out what you need.

As Mama Odie sings — ‘what you want’ and ‘what you need’ are usually entirely different. To help people pinpoint this unmet need, Kandu has different functionality from any other work search site. We connect our community members based on business stage, skill sets and how people want to be compensated. How they reach out from there, is up to them.

We know that often the best experts are keen to help exciting new projects and keep skills fresh, so compensation can be set as a mix of options — from a simple coffee through to more substantial projects. Everyone has different reasons for seeking new work. We enable startups and experts to converse and meet to understand drivers and problems. Our values — be honest, be supportive, add value — have been specifically created to help entrepreneurs get support to find out what they need — not just what they want.

Since Kandu has launched, we have seen many examples of people starting up a conversation, gaining further understanding of the real issue facing their business and getting the problem solved. So if you are a startup who wants help, sign up to Kandu. You may actually find what you need. Doesn’t every business story deserve a fairytale ending?

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