Captain Marvel in Binary mode (via Marvel Studios on GIPHY)

KSPEC – Unleashing God Mode for All NFTs

How an inconspicuous data field hidden in all NFT smart contracts could hold the key to unlocking powerful new capabilities for all NFTs

Let ‘em have it, Cazza! (via Marvel Studios on GIPHY)
Tomás Saraceno, “Maratus speciosus”, 2021. Augmented reality. Via Serpentine Gallery
Illustrative NFT smart contract
Deadmau5 and Sutu, “In Titan’s Light”, 2020
Contents of `tokenURI` file for “In Titan’s Light” NFT, 2020
Crusty not entirely sure Russian roulette is his thing
Illustrative NFT ownership transfer
SuperRare `safeTransferFrom` function with `_data` field left blank
Creating a KSPEC parallel state for YAMSUSHIPICKLE
Updating the parallel state for YAMSUSHIPICKLE
High level content of YAMSUSHIPICKLE KSPEC
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, “This Changed Everything: Source Code for WWW x Sir Tim Berners-Lee, An NFT”, 2021
Sayonara fake NFTs!
Danvers opening up Binary for the first time (via Marvel Studios on GIPHY)
Suzanne Treister, “The Cosmic Number”, 2021
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