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We Won Some Addy Awards! Pt. II

Guess who’s back? Back again? We are because we have more Addy wins to tell you about. As you’ll recall, last week we shared our ad for Point3, It Takes a Human, and announced the Addy awards won for it. Now, we’d like to share with you our ad for Whitebox, Don’t Climb Alone, which has won an Addy Award in the category of Internet Commercial.

Whitebox is an ecommerce and automation company based here in Baltimore. What does that mean? They grow your business, elevate your brand, and deliver the perfect customer experience. In layman’s terms, they help you sell your company’s products online.

Every time Whitebox goes to a conference, we develop a campaign for them that speaks directly to the given event’s attendee and exhibitor audience. Most times, we’ll develop a theme, support that theme tactically through social media ads, one-sheets, website landing pages, and, you guessed it, videos. This spot was for their 2016 Outdoor Retailer Conference. Unlike our experience with It Takes a Human, the creation of this ad was pretty smooth. From script to reality, the entire process only took a month. We wrote the script on June 14, casted our actor, and began filming the next week on June 21.

We were proud to shoot this ad with our friends at Early Light Media, another company that works out of the Emerging Technology Center. The entire video was filmed in Baltimore at Lake Roland Park. We arrived at around 2:00 in the afternoon and literally just walked around the woods for the rest of the afternoon with actor, Danny Gavigan, who you may recognize from his work in local and regional theatre.

The first half of the video was recorded in just a few takes, and the rest is simply B-roll. The ad really came together in editing, as we essentially had a ton of extra footage; which you can expect from spending three hours with a guy walking in the woods.

We’ll find out March 9th if Don’t Climb Alone will win gold or silver in the category of Internet Commercial. Wish us even more luck and broken legs.



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