Report: Kapu Team Meeting — July

The Kapu team met in the heart of Rome (considering the needs of all members, coming from different cities of Italy and Europe) on the weekend of 28 and 29 July.

The items on the agenda were:

  • Elaboration of a new business plan, containing the objectives to be achieved in the next 6 months
  • Definition of the development strategy to be adopted in the following months
  • Identification of potential project partners, mainly museums, NGOs, cultural centers and associations of archaeologists
  • Identification of events dedicated, alternatively, to the world of archeology, blockchain and new technologies in order to make contact with the organizers and take part to present the Kapu project (in Italy and abroad)
  • Discussion on the unsold token question, aimed at defining the strategy to be adopted
  • Listing on new exchanges
  • Marketing and communication statistics analysis

In particular:

1. The new business plan provides the launch of the first practical application of the Kapu project by November 2018 — thanks to the work of two DEVs working full-time on that

2. The Kapu team will be present, in September and October, at several events — in Italy and abroad — in order to raise awareness of the Kapu project and arouse interest in potential investors who want to buy kapu coin through exchange

3. For information purposes and with the aim of having kapu coin adopted as a payment method, Kapu intends to establish partnerships with museums, NGOs, cultural centers and sector associations. A list of potential partners has been presented and approved by the team

4. A Kapu team resource is engaged in the listing issue, with the goal of bringing kapu coin to a larger number of exchanges in the shortest possible time

5. With regard to unsold tokens, the Kapu team decided to proceed as follows: one part will be allocated to the project partners; one part will be spent for the reward of those who have chosen to receive kapu coin as a payment method for work performance; one part will be made available to the team to solve crisis situations; one part will be donated to a non-profit foundation; one part will be used in marketing campaigns (bounty campaing) and airdrop to local events; one part will be made available for a possible sale, established with an appropriate plan to protect investors (anti-dump strategy). 
 Quantitative data and further details of the distribution plan will be made public as soon as possible.

6. Marketing and communication analysis

Statistics May-Jul 2018

Twitter :

Tweet +1366%

Views + 72%

Profile views +11%

Mentions + 512%

Medium : significant increase in the number of articles published compared to previous months; we have about 50 unique readers on average for each edited article.

Facebook: 2 July — 29 July: coverage + 160%

Events: 5 events on the territory of which 4 national and 1 international.

Number of telegram and slack users slightly increasing.

Conclusions, Report on Marketing and Communication

The results show a good improvement in terms of communication and involvement.

Objective of the next months: we believe that the community represents the beating heart of the project. That’s why we will go on taking care of it as it’s been done in the last two months and will work on its expansion. Current community size: 250 users; First expansion target: 1000 users. We want a healthy community of investors and enthusiasts to our project.

As a support to our goals we are completing the analysis of a specific marketing campaign.

- Written by Erika Rosenstein -