How to make video memes online

Users on both Instagram and Facebook love video, and video memes — the clever snapshots that pair video and text — are getting more and more popular for vloggers and social marketers. We set out to make a website that lets content creators make video memes easily for free.

Kapwing is the free, dead-simple tool for making online video memes. Follow these steps to make a video meme:

  1. Visit Kapwing ( and upload your video

2. Choose between black and white meme templates and enter meme text.

3. Click “Create Video” to download your video meme! You can choose between a video meme that has the Kapwing watermark or enter your email to remove the watermark.

We’re trying to make Kapwing as fast and simple as possible to make content creators’ lives easier. Let us know if you have feedback for the tool or want us to build new features!

Julia Enthoven, Co-Creator of