How to remove audio from video online

If you don’t want to download a powerful video editing software onto your laptop, you can use Kapwing’s Mute Video tool to remove sound from your video. You can upload your video and download the muted mp4. Kapwing is free and online, so you can use it on any phone or computer and you won’t need to install any software.

Step 1: Upload your video

Navigate to and open the Mute Video tool. You can either upload a video from your device or you can paste a link to a video that already exists on the web (like on YouTube or Vimeo).

Step 2: Click ‘Create’ to download your muted video

Once your video has processed, you can download your video directly to share and publish on other platforms. You can also trim the video using Kapwing, if you only want a specific section.

That’s it! We’re building Kapwing tools to deliver immediate value for video editors online. I hope that the Mute Video tool is useful for you!

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